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Friday, February 18, 2011

Copy cat

I have been having so many fail days with my makeup lately. 
I just cant get inspired and when I do it comes out looking like doo.
So I decided to be a copy cat and dupe a look I had seen.
What do they say? Copying is a form of flattery, right?
Well in this case it totally is! This chick is like my makeup Goddess!!
I seen her on the BFTE fanpage on facebook and she is on the BFTE blog right now.
Here is her look.
( Oh yeah, I would kill to have blue hair too)
Here is mine.
 I couldn't get the depth or the intensity of the color down but I feel like I did okay.

 In my defense, I had none of the colors she used. I had to look them up on BFTE and then try to match with colors in my hoard. I had no brick red so I mixed a few colors.
 10 Pineapple, Hangover, Red River & Isis are the colors she used.

I bought some Tarina Tarantino lip gloss off Ebay

 I really like it so far. It isn't too sticky. I would have liked more glitter. I paid about $7 with shipping.


  1. I think this is very very cool! I think it is awesome to recreate looks too! :)

  2. Those colors would make me look like death but they really suit you. Absolutely beautiful. You're my makeup goddess!

  3. It is actually a ton of fun to recreate looks!! I like doing it!

  4. This look makes me think of piña coladas on the beach at sunset. Beautiful!

  5. I recognize this look! I loved it on heather and you did a great job too! :)

  6. Awesome as always!