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Monday, January 17, 2011

Vicious Cosmetics Swatch and my 2 cents.

I was linked to this company, Vicious Cosmetics last week because the owner sends out  samples...for free!
Can you believe that! Totally free. I thought this was awesome! So if you are interested in trying a sample
( you even get to choose the color you want) go the site and then convo the owner! So cool!

I have been in the market for new pinks so I decided to try out Femme Fatal . I had originally chosen Yowza but then noticed the listing said it was not for eye use. Be sure when buying ANY makeup product you read the listing or description fully!!!

My sample came super duper quick! It was in a baggie which I hate BUT it was free so I expected that and I am fine with it.
I repotted my sample into a small clam shell and this is how much was in the baggie.

Here it Femme Fatal swatched over NYX jumbo pencil and no base.

I decided to do a quick look with Femme Fatal and a green. The pigment goes on smooth and the color pay off is nice. As for pinks I have only used Glittersniffer and the colors were done with bolder unsafe dyes so I have nothing to compare Femme Fatal too. Overall I am happy with the the quality and color!

I have plenty left from the sample to do my makeup at least 2 more times!

So get your free sample ladies!!


  1. Those 2 colors are beautiful together. What color green is that? Thanks for the heads up on thie company. Ive never heard of them but will go check out the site and see if there is a free sample I could use :)

  2. That pink is one of the better ones that I've seen, it's very nice and bright without being overboard. can't wait to get mine!

  3. Oooh, that's a really pretty color! I'll have to place an order when I have more money.

  4. Elizabeth, did you request a free sample yet?

  5. Thanks! You should request your samples ladies!~