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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Earth Angel Minerals and my 2 cents

I recently came across  Earth Angel Minerals on etsy. I had been browsing different mineral makeup companies and was impressed by this shop. The policy page gives you a TON of info. I decided to try out some samples and did the "Any 5 samples for $5 ". I liked this deal because you could choose from eye pigment, blush, bronzer, concealer or foundation AND the samples come in clamshells not baggies!!

I receievd my order yesterday and was impressed right away. The packaging and labeling was perfect!

I do have a complaint though, I ordered on Jan 14th and I did not get my package until Jan 27th.  The owner did contact me on the 20th and explained she had been sick and that she added in some extra samples for me.

When it came time to pick my samples I decided to choose enough samples for my whole face.

My first pick was Buttercream. It is touted as a customer favorite and the description says it helps neutralize skin tones, conceals and can be used as an eye primer.

I used it on my eyes instead of my normal primer and I wasnt impressed with it, but it did work great as a concealer.

My second choice was a foundation. I chose Summer Beige.

I will say that I have no experience using mineral foundation. I did like this and the coverage was nice. I normally use a very lightweight "whipped" foundation and I think I prefer it over this powder based foundation.

My third choice was a bronzer. I LOVE bronzer. I normally use a cream bronzer but I think I like this version better.

                                                     ( it is not this dark, the camera color is off)

I chose Love Me and Primary Purple as my eye colors. Love Me can also be used as lip pigment and as a blush! The owner sent me Kaleidoscope and Pink Ribbon as freebies!

I did a full face look with these samples.
Here is the before:

and the after

These pigments reminded me of my first experience with mineral makeup. It did not go well. I did not use my normal primer or NYX pencil, instead I used the Buttercream powder as primer. The pigments did not stick well nor were they very vivid. I applied it wet ( foiled) and they were brighter and very nice. When I swatched you can clearly see that a base/primer would have made a huge difference.

This company seems to really know what they are doing and they have quality products. I really like the bronzer and the foundation was nice. I would most likely buy some for my sister to use in place of her Bare Minerals. As for the eye pigments I  would not buy again mainly because they colors all seem a bit too "tame" for me. They are all pretty but too neutral for my taste.

Ok, if you read through all of that then you deserve something!
I also got these 2 mineral eye pigments as freebies!

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