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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Beauty From The Earth Review

Last week a friend of mine posted a link to Beauty From The Earth's facebook page and told me that they had full 5 gram color of the week for only $2.
Most of you who have read here for awhile know that I do not need anymore pigments, right?
Well the color of the week happened to be Peacock
  which is my FAVORITE eye makeup color.
So after much contemplating I decided to get 2 pots, one for me to try and one for you guys.
The website was very easy to navigate and checkout was a breeze.
The shipping is a flat $4.00 which to me is expensive, but I got over it.
I got my order yesterday and realized I was shorted a pot. I emailed them and let them know and got a refund and email back this morning. The email said that there is a limit of 1 color of the week per order.
Wahhhh!! I did not see that stated anywhere when I bought! I checked the new color of the week and sure enough it is there right with the color description
. So either it wasn't there before OR I am just a dork. Either is possible!!
Back to my order....the product was packed very well and had a sifter seal on it.
I also got a free sample of $10 Pineapple which one of you lucky readers will get!

 Gorgeous yellow!

 Here is Peacock swatched . Black Base, White Base, No base
 Here it is on. I rarely do one color on my eye at a time anymore so this felt weird. It went on very smoothly.
 I liked the color depth a lot.
I am a glitter freak so when I wear this again I will most likely add some glitter to it.
 I did get some creasing which could have been my fault. I did do my normal routine of primer and base.
It wasn't like the normal creasing though, it was more like the pigment wearing off in the creases instead of collecting there.
 Some things I really like about BFTE is that they are a small company located in the United States. I like the variety of colors they offer, even though I am primarily into glittery colors.
One HUGE plus to this company is that they offer sample sizes of every color mineral pigment for $2
From my experience with mineral pigments a sample size will last you quite a while.
So with this company you can get a bunch of colors to try without spending too much.
The standard size pot is 5 grams and retails for $6.50
Building a stash at $6.50 each would be too expensive for me and I am not sure if they offer discounts often or not.
They have a full line of cosmetics available. I think that I will check out some of their other products
 One Lucky person will get this sample! Do you want it? Just be the first to comment on this post!!
Overall I was happy with my purchase. I really did not need another turquoise pigment but the price was right.
I will most likely shop again with BFTE for other cosmetics besides pigments.


  1. doh ! so not even close lol

    i got the peacock too.. and a sample of violent something or other. it also creased horrendously :( will try peacock tomorrow hoping for better results.

  2. Liz you win!! Email me your address at Glittermomto6@aol.com or through facebook and I will mail your sample!

    Zen, I was hoping the creasing was just a fluke. I know I can wear my GS for 12+ hours with no creasing.