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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I am sick so I am naked face.
It feels weird and somehow makes me look sicker to not have makeup on!!
I have been noticing in the last few eye pics that I am starting to get some fine lines under my eye.
Oh, and the gross snakeskin looking eyelid.
My body is 33 but my inner self is about 15 so I am not ok with this!!!
What do you guys recommend to keep a youthful face and reduce fine lines??
I have never been one to use moisturizers or any creams but I am at the point I wish I had.
My normal routine is to just wash my face with some random face wash from Target and then dry. I only moisturize when my face looks or feels dry. That is bad, isnt it?
I have a natural beauty book that I love and have been reading it. The author recommends using Aloe Vera gel on your face daily and I happened to have that on hand. I have used it for 2 days and I can say I like how it just soaks into your skin and isnt greasy or wet feeling like lotion.

So help me out girls! What should I buy???

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