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Saturday, March 4, 2017

February Target Beauty Box Product Reviews!!

I thought it would be informative to do an individual review on the products that were in last months Target Beauty Box. The point of most of these sample boxes is for you to try the product and hopefully love it and buy the full size. Normally I will be reviewing the products in the same month that the box came out but I got my February box late. I did not try the tanning towelette that was in the box yet. Just a little disclaimer here, some of the products I did not love, but I did love trying them and used them all up. I think these sample boxes are a great way to try products and be introduced to brands you may never heard of. So even if I get a box of samples that I end up not liking I still had fun trying them and will buy next months box!

First up is this face wash by Soap & Glory . I was really excited to try this. It claims to clean, smooth and purify your face. I used the whole sample bottle. It did make my face feel smooth and very clean. I liked it and would probably buy it in full size. At $8.79 for an 11.8 oz bottle it is a pretty good deal.

Next is this Well People mascara. I personally did not like this mascara. It is fine for the bottom lashes but was too dry of a formula to really get a good coat on the top lashes.

Now onto this Raw Sugar body wash. I may have been most excited about this because the raw coconut and mango formula. Well it smells like NOTHING. No scent whatsoever so I assuming that the raw coconut and mango are additives in the body wash itself and not scent. So that was disappointing but it did the job that a body wash should do. I personally would not buy it in full size.

I walked past these in full size at Target a few times and was intrigued so I was happy to see them in my box. First impression upon pouring them into my hand was that they were so thin and liquidy. I expected them to be really thick and have a luxurious feel. I washed with both the shampoo and conditioner but wasn't impressed with how my hair felt when it was wet. I let it air dry and as it dried I started to see good results. My hair felt smoother, looked shiner and felt healthier. I should not have judged the consistency of the formula because it did exactly what it claimed to do. I will definitely buy these in full size especially because of the coupons that I have!  

The three pack of Loreal masks were great. Each one made my face feel better and were fun to use. I love masks but enjoy buying the single use packets for the variety. I would probably buy the detox and brighten mask in the full size because I liked that one the best.

Ok, this Masque bar hydrating peel off mask........................ Oh dear. Ouch! It was a clear mask. The formula is pretty thick, when I had it on I got a variety of comments from my younger kids, my three year old stared at me and said "YUCK", repeatedly and my 10 year old said I looked like I was really sweaty. Comments aside, I like the scent, formula and everything about this mask until it came time to remove it. I think that my entire face is hairless now!! It hurt to remove it how stuck it was to my skin. My face felt really red and tender for about 5 minutes after using it. I obviously would not try this mask again.

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