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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Back to blogging!

So I am back......sort of. I haven't posted any new posts for some time but lately I have been feeling inspired again. I really LOVED blogging and have missed it. Over this very long hiatus a lot of things have been going on and changing on my end! I was pregnant and had a beautiful home birth. A baby boy! He is now a chubby 9 month old handful! I also closed up shop on  an online sewing business and started focusing on sewing and crafting for my family and close friends. Another huge change was that me and my whole family changed our eating habits to "clean eating". Basically we eat all organic (when it is available), whole foods. It has been over a year and I've lost over 40 pounds. With the new baby I have not had as much time or money to devote to makeup, crafting or sewing but now that he is getting older I am finding more time. I have been sewing and crafting quite  bit lately, a lot of things that have saved me a ton of money by making them myself. Everyone asks me how I made something or if I could make them one so I figured I would start blogging. So this blog will not just be about makeup anymore but more a mash up of makeup, crafts, diy, clean eating and anything else that peaks my interest! Potpourri if you will! I am going to see about getting an easier domain but for the time being this is it!

 Thanks for reading,
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