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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Poise Makeup Creme Blush and Lip Compact

I first learned about Poise Makeup at the PHAMExpo. I was standing in the long line for the Sugarpill booth and the Poise booth was right next to it. A  rep from Poise was giving away fliers and compacts. First here is a little info about Poise Makeup from their website:

Poise International Beverly Hills was established in 1993. It is a company that markets the finest skin care products. It is the vision of Mae Hartberg's late husband, John Hartberg, to expand the Poise International company, to the artistry level of flawless skin. Poise Makeup was then created. Now it is time to fulfill the vision of John Hartberg by launching the "State of the Art Makeup" that will cater to all skin tones from extra light to extra dark. The formula has been created to accommodate the needs of every passionate makeup fan. It is the Poise Makeup Team that spreads the intention of this mission. We believe that our success is your success and we look forward to making dreams a reality.
Poise Makeup offers high quality product for professional makeup artist and everyday woman. Cinema Touch HD Crème has a unique ingredient blend, including natural Minerals, Botanical, Multiple Peptide and Vitamins to nourish the skin while providing flawless long lasting coverage.
Poise believes in empowering professionals, students and customers alike, through quality product and service. We have the educational facility to educate our client for makeup application techniques. Our products are the results of extensive research and experience in color cosmetics as well as skin care.

I can't find this compact on the website so I am assuming it was a promotional product for the expo.
The back of this compact says Cinema Touch HD Crème Blush/Lip in Rose, Beautiful and Mae Pink all of which can be found here . They are sold in refill pans for $10 each.

I will admit that I do not have very much experience with crème blushes. I have been thinking I may like crème blushes more because they seem like the would be more forgiving to aging skin ( ugh).

I used all three colors mixed on my lips. I personally feel like this product is too thick and dry for lips. It is really pretty but feels quite heavy and looks dry on the lips.

 Face with just foundation and some tinted lip balm
I use the lightest color on the top of my cheekbones like a highlighter, the pink color on the cheekbones as a blush and the coral color just below as a contour.  I really like the colors and the crème blended into my skin quite easily. I used my fingers to apply but now think I brush would have been better for more precise application. I did find that this looks a bit more natural on my skin than powder blush.

Added some brows and mascara!
Overall I really like this product for the face. Lips not so much. I found the crème to be easy to use, blend, and I think it looks really nice when applied. At $10 for each crème color I find it to be affordable. Poise Makeup offers a full line of professional grade cosmetics at reasonable prices. Also check out their facebook page here

Have you tried Poise Makeup? If so, what did you think?

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