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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My brows

I get a TON of questions regarding my brows. Are they really that color? Do I dye them? What do I use on them? Etc. If you are a reader here than you probably already know the answer. I figured I would do a quick post on how I do my brows for everyone else!

I use Anastasia Beverly Hills Hypercolor in Teal Tornado on my brows. You can use a regular eye shadow to do colored brows if it is super opaque and matte but it may not cover the hair that well. The Hypercolors are made for hair and eyebrows so it really coats the hair instead of just sitting on top of it.

To start I get
Hypercolor in Teal Tornado
Small Angled Brow Brush
Tiny Drop of Water or Damp Tissue

First I get my brush damp, making sure to wipe off any excess water. Then I get a little Hypercolor on the tip of the brush and line the bottom and top of my eyebrow to the arch. Basically making an outline around half of my eyebrow.
Then I fill in from the arch to the end of my eyebrow and lastly I fill in between the outline. Sometimes if the front of my eyebrow looks too straight or harsh I will smudge it a little using my finger or a spoolie.

So it is pretty simple and basic but because so many people as I figure I would share <3
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  1. Awesome! I also use an angled brush, I've used Lush's emotional brilliance (a purple shade that I can't remember) to do purple brows :)