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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

EnKore Brush Soap Review

I was super jazzed to see this product at PHAMExpo. I have heard about how awesome Koren Zanders new brush soap was by quite a few people so of course I HAD to pick one up. After using it once I really wish I picked a few up! I LOVE IT!! These soaps retail for $8 each but I paid less at PHAME. I forget how much. I should really write things down. I get in a frenzy at these shows and all rational goes out the window LOL.

The first thing I noticed when I walked up to the booth was the awesome silhouette of Koren on the soaps. HILAROUS!! The next thing I noticed was the insanely wonderful scents these brush soaps had. I was really hard pressed just to choose one scent. Right now there is 13 different scents available. I smelled most of them and they are all so delicious! I decided on Cantaloupe.
 Each soap comes in a large plastic clamshell container and is approx. 2.5" in diameter and 1" tall. Each clamshell holds approx. 2.75 in product. The underneath of the soap has a loofah texture to deep clean brushes.
Here is the info from EnKore Makeup Online:
Deep Conditioning Brush Soaps are
rich in luxurious, deep moisturizing and conditioning oils including Argan Oil and Maracuja (Brazilian Passionfruit) Seed Oil.
Foaming, moisturizing, and formulated with 5 different conditioners, these brush soaps will render any makeup brush super clean, and super soft. Use on both Natural and Synthetic fibers.

My dirty brushes.
The yellow Bdellium brush stains so easily and I can never get it all the way clean.

The directions on the bottom of the clamshell say:Wet your dirty brush and simply lather on one side of the soap using a back-and-forth sweeping motion, then use the loofah side to deep-clean and loosen makeup residue. Rinse, reshape the bristles, and dry the brushes flat.

I may be dense but I was unsure if I was supposed to take the soap out of the clamshell to use it. I figured I did not want the clamshell all wet and goopy with soap so I simply set the brush soap in the bottom of my sink and followed the rest of the directions. Washing brushes is hard work. It really is. I was able to clean all 33 brushes in a matter of minutes. The smell was heavenly and the loofah side did an amazing job is getting the brushes that were stained clean. Afterwards my brushes smelled so good and were SO SOFT! I have been using baby soap, Dove soap or elf brush cleaner and none of those made my brushes conditioned obviously.

Ahhh, Clean brushes!
This pic shows the usage from washing 33 brushes. I am
sorta sad that the little silhouette is gone.

Here are those three dirty brushes I showed above. Look how clean they are!
I am shocked that the Bdellium brush came so clean!

I am extremely in love with this brush soap. My brushes are squeaky clean, smell amazing and feel so soft. The scent is amazing and the soap is very easy to use. I definitely will be buying more of this soap. After using it I was actually sad I did not pick up another one but lucky for me I just noticed that these brush soaps are available at the Morphe Brushes shop in Burbank which I will be visiting next month!! Woot!!

Have you tried Enkore's Brush Soap? If so what did you think of it?

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