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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

More nails!

 So it appears I am into nails! Normally my manicures are boring. Blue or purple with mulicolored glitter on top - The End. Lately I have been trying new things and trying to let my nails grow some. I find that if my nails are painted I do not bite them and they seem not to peel or get jagged as much. I decided to just slap on a nude polish that I could keep putting more coats on as it chipped during the week. I used an elf nude polish that my niece gave me for Christmas. After applying it something happened. My love for nude lips transferred to my nails. I LOVE THE LOOK OF NUDE COLORED NAILS!!! This is coming from someone who wears dark polish 365 days a year! I was admiring my nails when the idea to sponge some glitter on the tips came to me. I used Sally Hansen Strobe Light. Gahhh, even more in love now. It is so pretty!! My nails and cuticles still need some help!

Do you have any tips for growing stronger nails? My are pretty thin and bendy ( gross I know).

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  1. NAILTIQUES. My nails are long enough to paint for the first time in literally forever. You can get it at some grocery stores or on Amazon. I got formula "2 plus" and it is absolutely amazing.