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Monday, January 14, 2013

Beauty From The Earth Haul and Swatches

Beauty From The Earth had an AMAZING sale a couple of weekends ago. All samples were on sale for $1! That is potted samples people! They are normally $2 so 50% was a nice discount. I have a lot of BFTE pigments but there were quite a few I still wanted and some I needed to replenish. I ordered on a Saturday and my pigments were in my hands by Tuesday. That is some serious fast shipping especially when she had HUNDREDS of orders that weekend. I love how fast BFTE ships and how dedicated Crystal and her helpers are to getting orders fulfilled quickly.

 Pinks and Reds
I love all of these colors but Passion and Addicted were my faves from the bunch.

They are all my favorite. I am really liking Spellbound. The only other dark
blue from BFTE I have is Patriot and it is a matte. Spellbound has some shimmer to it.

Teals, Greens and a Gold
7 Seas swatches splotchy for some reason but it applies just fine. Tropical is a great
multicolor pigment. 1939 is just glitterrific. Atomic Teal and 24 K are super
rich colors. I love all of these. This bunch of colors are  for sure my favorite out of my

Flirt is awesome because it is matte. I love matte pigments. Orchid and Sugarplum
are super shiny, glittery and pretty. Perfect for the lids. Rock You is one of
my all time favorite BFTE pigments. It is a perfect "Blurple"

Here is a look I did using Flirt, Nani, Rock You and Lava Momma

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  1. Great swathes. Atomic teal is beautiful x

  2. Amazing colors. I was going to say my fave is...but I couldn't pick just one.

    Sara x

  3. I just bought Isis, 1939, (based on your swatches) and Seduction and Double Chocolate. I can't wait to recieve them!! Yay! thanks for the recommendation. Chirsty xxxx

    1. They had another red ( I forget the name) at IMATS that was INSANITY. I didnt see it until after I already paid so I am gonna order it later. I need to see what it was.

    2. Sounds great! Don't forget to swatch it so I can order it too!