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Monday, December 24, 2012


 The gift bags went out last week! The holidays have kicked my butt this year!! I have SO much stuff to blog and no time to do it. I will be back into the swing of things after the holiday! I can't wait to show you all the new stuff I have! Below are some more pictures of the gift bag donations, the gift bags going together, finished bags, some of the messages of thanks I have gotten and lastly thanks to the ladies who made this all possible. Please visit their shops or find then on facebook and send your own thanks!!
Hair bows made by me

TONS more pigments from Mon Enniu

Getting started!

Example of what each bag contained

 Gift Bags all done!

 Here are some of the messages and emails I have received from gift bag recipients:

Was surprised to see a gift of goodies! Thanks very much! :D - Ashley
Hi, I received a wonderful package in the mail today. I'm guessing my sister, because she's the only person on my list who likes this page, is the one who was thinking of me. It's great! I needed new makeup and with the holidays and my son being born a month ago everything is so stressful, this was a great surprise. Thank you so much for sending me all these awesome items. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! - Stacey
Just got my bag today Love it and all the makeup to. Thank you i cant wait to use it ♥ - Jennifer
Hi! I had nominated my sister and she received her bag today! She sent me a text and asked me if it was from me and then sent me a picture of all her goodies, she said she was smiling from ear to ear when she saw it, thank you so much for being so kind and doing this ♥ she absolutely loves everything and can't wait to do her makeup! Thank you to those who sent in donations to! - Cassie
Hi Hun, would like to give you a millions thanks and hugs for making my day so much better.. ♥ came home to a package that I wasn't expecting.. I'm not sure who nominated me, but would like to say THANK YOU!!!
Receiving this package made me cry and I realized that there are people out there still that are very generous and still feel compassion for others.
I will posting everything I got on my blog and MUA fan page in the next few days... Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness and if you do this again next year, please keep me posted as I would LOVE TO help you out...
xoxo - Leilani
My husband nominated me, not sure how he found out about it, but it was so sweet! We can not exchange gifts this year due to how tight money is. I want to thank everyone that donated to this amazing goodie bag!!! I cried, it was so sweet of all of you to donate and the amount of work that you, Christina, put into this was so selfless!!! I hope that you and your family and all of te wonderful donaters have a very Blessed holiday, Merry Christmas, and God bless you all!!! Again I can not thank you all enough!!! ♥ - Kelly
You are an angel sent from above.... when I opened my mailbox today was the first true, honest smile I have had all day! Thank you for the holiday cheer... I really needed it. I'm overwhelmed with everything! Love you so very much! - Jesi

 I would like to once again thank everyone who made these gift bags possible. Without your kindness these bags would not have been going out this year!!  Thank you Breana, Elizabeth, Jenn, Nikki, Amp, Rebecca, Kas, Brenda, Maria, Nina, Hailey and Vivi!!

 Merry Christmas!!
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  2. I think it' really amazing when a group of women come together to make the lives of others better and brighter. Thanks for doing this again, this year, Christina! What a special way for the community to come together to celebrate others. <3 <3 <3

  3. Thanks so much for doing this and allowing us to be a part of it. It warmed my heart to read these messages and know that I could play a small part in making someone's day a bit brighter; I know it has been a tough year for a lot of people, myself included. I would love to help out again if you do this next year. Have a very Merry Christmas!