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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Billion Dollar Brows Review

I was recently contacted by Billion Dollar Brows about doing a review. I had never heard of the company so I headed to their website.You can check out the history of the company here . I picked out a few items to try and they were sent to me very quickly.

What is it? Two in one eye pencil that highlights and conceals.

 What is it supposed to do? Highlight your brow bone and conceal

 What does it ACTUALLY do? I always conceal under my eyebrows. I do this because it covers up any eyebrow growth that I cant pluck. This product worked as well as my normal concealer. I liked it.  The highlighter was too similar to the concealer in my opinion.

 Overall thoughts? I liked the concealer a lot. The texture was nice and it applied smoothly like butter. I normally use a $1 elf concealer under my brows and it does tug when applying. I prefer the formula of this pencil over the elf concealer but the price tag is a bit high for me.

What is it? Versatile eye brow pencil that is formulated to go with most skin and hair colors.

What is it supposed to do? Eyebrow pencil that applies smooth and natural looking on most skin colors.

 What does it ACTUALLY do? It actually did apply very smoothly and looked pretty natural on me. I am a natural brunette with light skin and it worked well for me. I can't comment on whether this pencil is really universal though.

 Overall thoughts? I liked this pencil quite a bit. It applied beautifully. I would prefer maybe more product in the pencil instead of the spoolie on the other end though. I found it not necessary but I also have sparse eyebrows. I like this better than my regular eyebrow pencils. I normally use either Revlon ColorStay or LA Colors twist up eyeliner pencils which are both darker. I thought I liked darker brows on me but after trying this I like lighter. I most likely will buy another one of these after this one runs out.

Billion Dollar Brows Universal Brow Pencil with Duo Pencil Concealer

What is it? Brow Powder in Taupe

What is it supposed to do? Apply smoothly and naturally giving your brows a brilliant sheen of color.

What does it actually do? It actually did apply quite smooth and give a natural appearance.

Overall thoughts? I normally dislike brow powder. I like my brows to be more "crisp". However I did like this powder and it is a great addition to my makeup stash for the times I want a softer look. Brow Powders come in 4 colors to match all skin and hair colors.

Brow Powder in Taupe with Duo Pencil Highlighter

My overall thoughts on Billion Dollar Brows are positive. The products are really good quality and the pricing is fair for a high end product. It is a bit out of my price range but I will buy another Universal Brow Pencil in the future. BDB offers a lash and brow booster, brow shaping kit, brow tints, gels, tweezers, brushes and more.

Have you tried Billion Dollar Brows? If so, what did you think?

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