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Saturday, September 8, 2012


   The dermaroller, just hearing the name makes people cringe, show them a picture of it and they shudder in fear. It is a horrifying beauty device, or so I thought. A bunch of my friends hopped on the dermaroller trend a few months ago. I was a newb and never heard of the dermaroller so I asked to see a picture. SAY WHAT!! They poke their face with that THING!!! I thought they were nuts. I told my husband about it and we both agreed, they were nuts! Then they started talking about the results they were seeing from using the it, then came the pictures with clear evidence of skin improvement and I was sold. I quickly placed an order for a torture device of my own. I bought mine on Amazon for less than $10. I also picked up some hyaluronic acid sheet masks to use after dermarolling.
So you may be wondering, what is a dermaroller and what is supposed to do? The dermaroller is a simple hand held roller device with a bunch of surgical steel micro needles on the roller end.  The dermaroller improves skin by increasing the levels of collagen and elastin in your skin. It does this by causing "trauma" to your face which in turns makes your skin produce more collagen and elastin. The dermaroller also improves elasticity of skin, reduces pore size and firms, smooths acne scars and reduces fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles.
I had my dermaroller for about a week before I got up the nerve to try it. First I washed my face and applied some Say Yes to Carrots moisturizer. Then I used some hand sanitizer. It is extremely important that you keep your hands, face and dermaroller clean and sanitary.  Next I used some 91% alcohol and sprayed the dermaroller down making sure to spin the roller and get all areas.
Then it was time to roll. I started on my cheeks, at first I was surprised about how it felt. It did not hurt at all. You are supposed to roll up and down, side to side and diagonal so you make sure you get the entire surface of your skin. After going over the cheek a few times it did start to sting a bit, mainly on my cheekbones. After the cheeks I went on to my chin, then tried my upper lip. Uh, no. Way, way, way to sensitive. Skipped that and tried my nose. NOPE!! Skin is too thin and I did get some small spots of blood. Stopped that right away. Lastly I did my forehead and focused quite a bit on any lines or wrinkles I had up there. Afterwards my face was red and a bit hot. After dermarolling I applied the hyaluronic acid sheet mask which was so soothing. It really made my face feel good. I left that on for about 20 minutes and then massaged any leftover product into my face.

This is my face right after dermarolling
The next day after using the dermaroller my face felt a bit more oily than normal and sort of tight. It felt similar to the way my face feels after I get a bit too much sun. That feeling lasted for about 1-2 days and after that my face was back to normal. I noticed results within the first week of using the dermaroller. The skin on my cheeks were looking much smoother and my skin as a whole looked more firm. I have since used the dermaroller 5 times and see improvement after each time. My forehead lines are looking smoother and the general appearance of my skin is better. My camera is not that great at picking up skin imperfections so I apologize for the bad photos. People online and in person have commented on my skin and have noticed the improvements. Normally I do use some photo editing tools to smooth my skin if it looks bad but since using the dermaroller I have not had to do that at all!!

 Before the dermaroller
(no foundation)
My skin doesn't look bad in this photo
but you can see the fine lines on my cheeks.

After using the dermaroller once
( no foundation)

 Also after using the dermaroller once
(with foundation)

My face today after using the dermaroller 5 times

So now I am going to tell you why I think the dermaroller is a better option than topical creams, serums and other things. It is because with the dermaroller you get almost instant results and your skin keeps improving for up to 6 months after use. Another reason I like the dermaroller instead is because you get almost instant results without having to go through a transition period (your face reacting to the new product, breaking out, dryness and other unpleasant things) and waiting for weeks or months to see results. The process of using it takes a matter of minutes. I use mine once a week but you can use it more often it you desire. You can also get larger needle size dermarollers. I am fine with the size I have for now. I personally do not find using it painful, it is more of an annoying feeling than pain. I am extremely happy that I bought this product and am overjoyed at the results I am seeing!

Have you ever tried a dermaroller? If so what did you think? If not, do you think it is nuts?

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  1. your skin really does look great and after reading your post i ordered the one you are using from Amazon and hopefully i will get great results too. i'm hoping to be able to do it right under my eye area as that is my main problem! How often do you use it? Thanks!

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