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Monday, August 6, 2012

The Cat's Meow review and giveaway!

              I have wanted to try out some extravagant feather lashes for sometime now so when I came across The Cat's Meow on etsy I was pretty excited. I contacted Rachel, the owner and asked if she had any blogger packages. She responded quickly and set me up a discounted listing. My package arrived very quickly and was packaged very well. Everything was wrapped in tissue paper with extra care to make sure the lashes did not get smashed or bent. Each set of lashes comes on a felt heart along with a business card and instructions for application.

          Rachel sent me two different style lashes, Blue Peacock and Glitter Girl. Glitter Girl was inspired by my blog! How awesome is that!!! The lashes were assembled well and the feathers were securely attached. These lashes are not cheap. Blue Peacock is $18 and Glitter Girl is $20. The Cat's Meow carries a BUNCH of different styles ranging from super ornate to simple jeweled or floral lashes. Pricing ranges from $4 - $25.

       I asked Rachel to give us a little bio on herself and the company, here is what she had to say!

           Hello! My name is Rachel Olson and I'm the creator and owner of the Cat's Meow! I make all my feather eyelashes by hand with quality products and attention to detail. I love working with feathers as they are natural, organic, and vibrant in color, patterns, and texture. Feathers fill me a sense of awe as no two are exactly alike, and more beautiful because of this. I began my collection line with a love for vintage fashion and beauty, as it holds a feeling of timelessness. At the same time, I am drawn towards bold, cutting edge fashion because of the feeling of empowerment and confidence it holds. Combining these two passions together, along with my fascination with color combinations, The Cat's Meow Eyelashes were born. When you wear my lashes, attention will be drawn to your eyes and face. After that, I leave it up to you. 
 "I am The Cat's Meow and you are too!

            I live a pretty tame life. I am a typical housewife who lives in a rural town. I love to glam it up when I am at home because I rarely get a chance to go out. I was waiting and waiting and waiting for what seemed like a appropriate time to wear these lashes. I figured we would get a date night or something fun would be going on but after a couple of weeks that didn't happen so I did what any glitter loving, glamtastic housewife would do. I put them on and went to Home Depot. I got a ton of double takes, compliments and questions. Most people could not get the concept that the feathers were on the fake lashes. I had to explain it over and over. So these are definitely attention getting lashes! The lashes were pretty easy to apply. I am not the best at applying full lashes so these were a bit more tricky for me. I used a lot of extra care to make sure I didn't get glue on the feathers. I ended up wearing them for about 8 hours. I thought maybe they would feel heavy or awkward but they felt the same as any false lashes. I have not worn the Glitter Girl set but plan to soon. Rachel also sent 2 extra pairs of lashes for a giveaway so I really wanted to get this post up quickly! 

             Overall I really like this company and product. The lashes are all handmade and very gorgeous. If you are in the market for unique lashes be sure to check out The Cat's Meow. Do not forget to enter the giveaway below!! Huge thanks to Rachel for sponsoring this giveaway!

Giveaway Time!!
One lucky follower will win 2 sets of fabulous lashes, Blue Peacock and Glitter Girl!!

How to enter

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 Winner will be randomly chosen on 8/13/2012

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  1. I had such a hard time choosing they are all so beautiful but I think my faves are the peacock blue green cat eyes:) Lovely give-away hun:)

    Sara xx

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  5. I really love all the lashes...but my favorite was the Contrasting Polka Dot Faux Eyelashes :]

  6. Already liked your Facebook :]

  7. I adore the Harajuku bow lashes. So chic and adorable. I'd so sport them everywhere~ x3

    Completed all entries, including extras.
    Etsy name is TyrannosaurusxSex

    I'd love to win this one. <33

  8. I'm a follower and Liked their page :)

    I love the Pastel Spring ones with the pearl!<3

  9. Following and liked the cats meow. :)
    It's so hard choosing my favorite. LOL I really like Paulie Black False Eyelashes and Blue Peacock Feather False Eyelashes. :)

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  13. favorite lashes-3 iridescent flowers, harajuku, & Betty full!

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  16. My favorite lashes are the Diamond Cat Eyes!

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    3. I completely fell in love with the Full Peacock Eye Feather False Eyelashes and the Blue Peacock and Black Feather False Eyelashes. I have a fetish for everything peacock :D
    My favourites of this giveaway are the Blue Peacock Feather False Eyelashes, they're stunning!

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    My favorite is the Blue Peacock Feather False Eyelashes!

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  29. Iridescent Blue Peacock Feather
    FB: Mihael Keehl

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  31. Followed you blog (im actually sad that I did not know about it before)!

    My favorite lashes are the Feeling Blue Feather <3