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Thursday, August 2, 2012

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Gold Deposit

           I have to admit, I am a MAC newb. Going into the store intimidates me. There is SO much product and it overwhelms me. If I do not have a plan going in than I am screwed and usually leave with nothing. I went to the mall with my family and decided I was going in to get a bronzer and a nude lipstick. I have Soft Sand bronzer by MAC but it is matte and I wanted something with some shimmer. I walked around and started swatching. I noticed Gold Deposit in it's packaging but thought it looked too dark. I couldn't find a tester around so the nice sales girl opened a new one for me.
             I swatched it on my arm and then dabbed a bit on my cheek bones. I thought it looked really nice and decided to buy it. I paid $29 plus tax. After I got it home I applied it with a brush and took some pictures. My face looked dirty. UGH. I googled and found most ladies who use this MSF have darker skin tones. Derp. I wish the sales girl would have mentioned that. I want to love this MSF so bad but I just do not think we are gonna work out.

                Two quick swatches. The color just appears dirty on me. =0(  I have not given up on this MSF yet. I have been trying different methods of application and variations with different amounts of product. So far I am not loving it. I do like it as a chest and shoulder bronzer though.

            Do you have Gold Deposit? If so what do you think? Do you have any application tips for me? Any recommendations for a shimmery bronzer from MAC?

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  1. this looks gorgeous on you!

  2. I'd try to dust it really lightly over a matte blush (nothing too orange though).