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Monday, August 20, 2012

Ben Nye Essential Eyeshadow Palette

 What is it? A palette of 8 intensely pigmented rich neutral shades
 How much is it? $40.50
Where to buy it?http://www.battsavl.com/products/essential-eye-shadow-palette-esp-912

 After the whole hot mess that is called the BH Neutral Palette I knew I needed a good quality neutral palette and could not get my mind off of this Ben Nye Essential palette. I am a sucker for anything Ben Nye. Every single product I have tried from Ben Nye has been top notch and superior. This palette was a HUGE splurge for me but it was necessary ( I tell myself this and it makes it better).

Vanilla ER-302

Shell ER-314

Cork ER-50

Mink Stole ER-37

Black ER-99

Graphite ER-98

Smoky Taupe ER-36

Black- Brown ER-595

Natural Indoor Light over NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk

Flash over NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk

 Indirect Sunlight over NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk

Sunlight  over NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
             I can honestly say these are best neutral pressed shadows I have ever used. They are so pigmented and rich in color and the formula is smooth and buttery. They are amazing. I ordered my palette from Batts AVL. I have ordered Ben Nye products from them numerous times and my orders have all shipped very quickly and arrived perfectly. Check them out here

  I used the whole palette for this look. Check it out, I ditched the winged liner and used the black shadow as a liner instead! I also used Black/Brown on my brows.

Overall I am extremely pleased with this palette. WAY more than I thought I would be. I am not a huge fan of neutrals but this palette makes me want to wear them more. It also makes me want to buy every single Ben Nye shadow ever made but that is a whole other issue. While Ben Nye may seem expensive it really is worth it.

Do you have the Ben Nye Essential Palette? If so, what do you think?  If not, what are you waiting for? Get one!!!

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  1. wow! the color is so pigmented and vividly nice!

  2. Wow I love how pigmented the shades look on you!

  3. Absolutely love Ben Nye products, you can't go wrong.

  4. Am I right in thinking these are all matter shades? If so, this palette may need to be mine...

    1. Yes, these are all matte shades. I really love glitter but lately I have been addicted to matte shadows. I think you would love this palette Mandy!!

  5. Gorgeous look :)!! & I havent heard of this palette before.. x

  6. THAT LOOK WAS SO PRETTY! This summer I have TOTALLY been out of bright colors (strange right?) And this palette is really pretty. How do you think they would fair on brown skin? The darker colors look really similar, can you see the greys and browns?

    Thank you

    1. The darker colors are a bit similar but the slight differences really come out when they are used one at a time. I did a look with the gray recently and it came out sooo pretty. I think this palette would do well on darker skin because of how pigmented it is. If you think some of the lighter shades will not work you can always get the eyeshadows you want individually here http://www.battsavl.com/products/pressed-eye-shadows

  7. I haven't tried any Ben Nye products yet, but I keep hearing about how amazing and pigmented their shadows are. Your swatches and look are fabulous. I think I need to buy this palette...

    1. It is really such a great palette! If you buy it I highly recommend buying from here http://www.battsavl.com/products . I get all my Ben Nye here. The guys who run this company are great. Super fast shipping

  8. Hi! Thank you soooo much for posting this...I've been searching and searching youtube and blogs, and yours in by far the best for this palette...any way you could let me know which colors you used where on the eye and what brushes...I'm a newbie at this and LOVE this look so much :)