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Friday, July 20, 2012

Bling Spirit Glitter Review, Swatches and Giveaway

           This is going to be a LONG one folks so get comfy!! I recently received a huge package of goodies from Bling Spirt Glitter to review. I had never heard of the company before they contacted me so I checked out their website before accepting their offer. I love myself some glitter so I was game! Here is a little information on Bling Spirt Glitter,

      Bling Spirit Glitter Make-up has been specially formulated for all Athletes! Our Make-up has been designed to stay on all day then, when you're ready, it will easily wash off with soap and water. All of our make-up is hypoallergenic, never tested on animals, and our glitter is polyester, so it's SAFE for the eyes and body! Our collection is Loud, Bold, & Exciting, offering a kaleidoscope of tones. All of our glitter, glitters stickers and shimmer powders are manufactured in the US. Our Shimmer Creams, Lip Collection, Blush Collection and Eyeliner Collection are imported from Taiwan. They were developed in the US and now manufactured overseas. All products we have imported goes through vigorous testing to be deemed safe and released by the FDA in customs.  We have designed our products for the specialty market of cheer and dance. We sell to a lot of big competitive cheer and dance teams. We are looking for new ways to ad to our product line and appeal to more markets. 
       When my package arrived I was SHOCKED at all the goodies. Everything was sealed with shrink wrap and had stickers with ingredients and product name. Some of the products have the sticker on the outside of the shrink wrap so when you take the wrap off the product the name and ingredients go with it. I stuck mine back on using a glue stick after I unwrapped each product.

Liquid Liners - $7.50 
Available in 10 different shades.
         The silver liner is just gorgeous. Both formulas were smooth and fairly opaque with one swipe.
In the swatch picture ,the thin line is one swipe with the brush and the thick line is multiple swipes. I will definitely use the silver liner, the black I probably wont use because I prefer to do my black liner with an eyeliner pen.

          This mascara is nice. It is as good as any drug store brand. The brush applied the mascara evenly and without clumps. I do not like wearing waterproof mascara because it is harder to remove but otherwise I liked this formula.

Available in 16 colors.
                  I really liked this product and I did not expect to at all. I am not a huge fan of cream/wet shadows but these are marketed as glitter adhesive as well as cream shadows. The top swatch picture is the creams by themselves and the bottom is with Bling Gold Spirit Powder over the top of the gold cream and Platinum Sparkles loose glitter over the top of the silver cream. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these creams under glitter. They give a nice colored base, the glitter sticks wonderfully and because the cream is the same color as the glitter you get a nice opaque look.

Lip Glosses $7.50
Available in 5 colors.
           I got clear gloss which is vanilla flavored and Almond which is chocolate flavored. I really enjoyed texture of the glosses as well as the scent/flavoring. They were not very sticky and both left my lips feeling moisturized after wearing them.

Lip Glitters - $6.00
Available in 9 colors.
         I nearly passed out from excitement when I realized these were lip glitters. I love glitter and glittery over the top lips are my absolute favorite lately! These glitter blends are GORGEOUS
            I applied the glitters over the clear gloss with a elf brush. I gently patted it on and the outcome was magnificent!! The first picture is Starburst Pink, next is Angel Sparkles and last is Raspberry Pink. The glitters are very fine and did not feel overly gritty. The gloss dried down and seemed to seal the glitter on. It lasted for quite a while without much fall out. I gave my kids the kiss test and there was almost no glitter transfer. I wouldn't suggest eating or drinking while wearing these unless you like to eat glitter.LOL

Bling Spirit Glitters -$6.00
Over 30 colors available.
       Some of these glitter blends really stood out to me and were beautiful. Bling Spirt Glitter will custom blend glitter for you if they do not have the color you are looking for! I may end up having this done. I am in search of a rainbow glitter blend.

Left to Right
Purple Popsicle, Magic Bling, Jolly Rancher Green, Purple Mermaid, Platinum Sparkles,
Pacific Blue, Mystical Purple, Black Diamond and Yellow Gold.

      Purple Mermaid, Platinum Sparkles, Mystical Purple and Black Diamond were my favorites. After browsing their website I realized I  need Midnight Black also. All of these glitters were swatched over Bling Spirit Glitter Adhesive called Natural Control. It comes in a tube with a doe foot applicator. Within a few minutes of applying the glitter over Natural Control it was dry and you could lightly rub your hand across the swatches without disturbing or smearing the glitter. I really liked the adhesive and the glitters. These glitters are a nice alternative to higher priced cosmetic glitter blends.

        I have not had a chance to thoroughly test this brush out. I did use it to swatch the glitter and it was nice. I will update after I use it to apply pigments/shadows

Available in over 20 colors.

Swatches in Natural Light
Left to Right
Diamond Dust, Sapphire Blue, Bling Gold,Bling Silver,Angel Sparkles White, Hawaii Pacific Blue
             These all swatched nicely. Very smooth. The top of the swatch is over NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk and the bottom is bare skin. You can see the importance of a base when using loose shadows. You can also use these shadows wet which creates a very bold look. I tried using the blue and silver together for a look but they did not play nicely together. I think the colors were to similar and just got muddy when I blended. I think the formula on these may be a bit too powdery for looks that require a lot of blending but when used as one solid color over a base they performed well.

Swatches with Flash

Swatches in the Sun

Mineral Blush - $8.00
           The color I received was Pink Gold. It was very pretty and applied nicely. Loose blush can be a bit messy for my taste but otherwise I liked this.

              I thought this set was pretty nifty. It comes in a clear hard plastic case that doubles as a brush stand. I personally did not LOVE the brushes but I am a snob. I think normal people ( you know people who are NOT makeup obsessed) would like these brushes and find them pleasing.
          Overall I really liked this company. I LOVED the glitters, the adhesive and the glosses. I am not a huge fan of some of the makeup being manufactured outside of the USA though. I will definitely be buying more glitter blends in the future!

EDIT:  I was asked what size glitter these are. I emailed and asked Bling Spirit Glitter because I could not find the information on the packaging or the website. The answer is ,  .008 Hex, we carry polyester and Crystalina that are used in our Blends.

Giveaway Time!!
Bling Spirit Glitter is giving away 3 Glitter filled packages!

3 Glitters colors of choice and Natural Control Adhesive
9 Glitters colors of choice and Natural Control Adhesive
12 Glitters colors of choice and Natural Control Adhesive
Winners will be randomly chosen!!

How to enter
You must do ALL to enter
1. You MUST be a follower of this blog
 3. Go to Bling Spirit Glitter's website and tell me which glitter blend is your favorite
Once you have done ALL three things, comment with your favorite glitter blend below to enter.
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3 Winners will be chosen randomly on  7/27/2012

Thanks for reading and Thank you to Bling Spirit Glitter for providing the prizes!!


  1. So much glitter!! Love it!
    To many glitter blends to choose from ahha, but if i have to choose it would be Mystical Purple, that really stood out to me.
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  2. I love the Mysteical Purple and Ruby Red the purple would be perfect for my daughter since that is their school along with gold and I love red.. Love your work...

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  5. Jolly Rancher Green <3 LOVE your site & super super LOVE the glitter :) The more, the better!! I have a daughter who is on the danceteam, but this Mom loves rocking the glitter too <3

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  8. Oh my gosh, I love glitter in general. But the dayglo colors are ridiculous~ I really couldn't just pick one, but I could pick two. Haha. Jolly Rancher Green, and Laser Lemon. (Mostly lemon, though. D: )
    Thank you for the opportunity to win these awesome items. c:

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  10. Great review, I loved all the glitter! My favorite glitter blend has to be the raspberry pink lip glitter!

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  14. What's the size/type of glitter in the products? I do like the gloss on you, it's pretty and the I also love the Angel Sparkles and raspberry Pink lip glitters on you.

  15. What a cute concept they have. I love the pink maroon glitter and the purple mermaid glitters the best!

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