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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Guest post by JessJamify from Randomly Beautiful

       Hello there beauty babes!! I have just recently, for some strange reason, been on somewhat of an organization kick. I think it all started when my husband came home with a new desk and mirror for me to use as my vanity, and once I took my old set up out and put the new set up in, I knew I needed to rethink my stash and how I organize. I needed something more practical, easy on the eyes, and cheap.....
       If your anything like me, sometimes you have a product and just forget you have it, either because it gets lost in the sea of other products you have or you simply just forget you have it. I had this problem with my lipsticks and lipglosses. I absolutely love my lip products, but what I was using as storage really kinda sucked and it made it a little difficult to display what I had, making it harder to be accessible for me to use.
I really didn't want to spend any money, so I just utilized what I already had. About a year ago, while I was at Micheal's Craft Store, I purchased a couple of these "beauty boxes". They came in all different sizes and had really cute girly patterns on them. Until now, I kinda had them tucked away because I was unsure of how I wanted to use them.

         Because the back of this box has a flat surface, I had my husband drill this into my wall right next my vanity, and I just slid my lipsticks right in there. Some people might prefer to color coordinate them, but I prefered to do so by shape. All of my NYX diamond sparkle lipsticks, and my maybelline color sensational lipsticks have the square packaging and my NYX round label lipsticks and mac lipsticks have the round lipstick tube and so I stuck them together, side by side.
            I LOVE this so much! I think it looks so much better than what I had, it displays nicely, and all my lipsticks are at an arms length. It's pretty and practical...just what I needed and because I couldn't neatly fit my glosses in the same beauty box as my lipsticks, I decided to use this really cute cookie jar that my mom got me for mothers day and put my glosses in there. It just looks so cute sitting on top of my vanity.
I hope that all you beauties enjoyed this post, and I hope, if your in an organization rut, it gives you a little bit of inspiration to work with what you already have =)
Fierce, Love, and Nifty Lipstick Storage,

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