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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

5 Minute Face

            This really worked out so I had to share with you. The other night I had seriously less than 5 minutes to get some makeup on. I also had really dim light to work on. So what does brainiac do?? She picks the darkest, boldest colors. I amaze myself sometimes with how hair brained I can be. I used Afterparty and Poison Plum and put a TON of blue glitter on my lids. I also used Wild Thang blush by Pretty Addictions. I did a full face in 5 minutes and when I came into the "light" it actually looked nice. The blush was a bit nuts so I had to tame it a bit but overall I was happy. I wish I had better pictures but it night time and my lighting STINKS!!! What can you get done in 5 minutes??? If you have pics of a 5 minute look I would love to see!!

Thanks for reading,


  1. whenever i have a only a few minutes, i gravitate to bold colors too because it LOOKS like you've spent more time. that's what i did for my last fotd, it only took a few minutes because I was leaving soon:

    "So I Need to Stop Using Blue and Purple Eyeshadow LOL http://goo.gl/YmIRg"

  2. Very nice! If I only have a few minutes to work on my face, I stay neutral. LOL. I'm chicken! LOL. I love bold looks but they take me longer to do. You look fantastic :)