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Monday, May 21, 2012

Introducing Winks By Georgie!

                   High Fashion Flutter at Nordstrom.com
         Georgie Beauty announces launch of innovative faux lash collection, Winks by Georgie™, with Nordstrom.com.
          Georgie Beauty, a new eco-luxe beauty brand, has launched its collection of faux lashes and botanically-infused lash adhesive on Nordstrom.com. Georgie Beauty cofounders and sisters, Abbey and Megan, created Winks out of a love for faux lashes and desire for an innovative product line – classic lash styles, a chemical-free lash adhesive, and sustainable packaging.

 The Winks collection features naturalistic, easy-to-wear lash styles and the first botanically-infused lash adhesive that soothes delicate skin while maximizing adhesion. Winks Adhesive does not contain harsh chemicals used in other lash adhesives on the market, namely formaldehyde (formalin solution), parabens, and synthetic fragrance. Instead, the dermatologist-tested adhesive uses organic blue chamomile and an advanced latex in its proprietary formula, and it’s also PETA certified, vegan certified, and made in the U.S.
        “We couldn’t stand using harsh lash adhesives that are packed with chemicals (the same ones used in superglue!), irritate your eyes, and damage your real lashes when you remove your falsies,” explained Abbey. “That’s way we developed our own adhesive. It’s the highest quality, safest lash adhesive on the market.”

            In addition to classic, naturalistic lash styles and a topnotch adhesive, the Winks collection is different because lashes are packaged in eco-chic,
refillable compacts. Because Winks are premium quality lashes, they are
re-wearable, and the sisters wanted a clean place to store them and keep them in tiptop shape between uses. The compacts make it easy to re-wear Winks and toss them in a purse or cosmetic bag. They’ve also proven to be a huge hit as gifts for bridesmaids, birthday girls, and celebrities. Celebrity makeup artist Kristen Furbacher describes Winks as “your favorite mascara … times 10!”

        “Faux lashes are the secret beauty product of celebs, models, and even women in mascara ads,” said Megan, “because the camera loves lashes.” Winks fans include the American Idol contestants, Stacy Keibler, Tori Spelling, and presenters at the CMA Awards, to name a few. Winks are also a must for cocktail parties, dates, weddings, profile pics, and any other time you want your eyes to pop.
Winks lash compacts are $28, lashes range from $15 - $18, and Winks Adhesive is $8. The Winks collection is also sold at Neiman Marcus, Cos Bar, and high-end beauty boutiques nationwide.
About Georgie Beauty: Georgie Beauty reinvents classic beauty products for a new generation that demands a new concept: eco-luxury. To us, eco-luxury means respect for animals, the environment, and consumers’ skin while never compromising beautiful design or the luxury experience. Inspired by beauty icons like Monroe, Bardot, and Hepburn, our products are influenced by the past and designed for the future.

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  1. I love that they come in compacts though. Thats a huge complaint for me with faux lashes. When they come on that little plastic insert with nothing to protect them? Ugh.

    I know the oldschool Ardells come in a plastic case, so its nice to see other brands doing this too!