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Monday, April 16, 2012

My Glam Bag - April

             My Glam Bag arrived late last week! I was very excited about this months bag because...........drum roll inserted here.......... NO SKIN CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!! My skin care shelf in my bathroom is at capacity! It was so refreshing to see this bag!!

All-Over Eyeshadow Brush & Eyeliner Brush

Two new additions for your exclusive Glammie travel brush set in our signature pink. This month includes an all-over eyeshadow brush made of pony hair, which is the perfect tool for packing color all over the lid. Pair it with our nylon eyeliner brush for super precise application. 

              Okay this is going to sound snobby and ignorant but I have miniature horses and having a brush made out of pony hair skeeves me out a bit. I know it is a normal hair for brushes to be made from but it is just weird to me. So anyway, I tried the eyeshadow brush and it is nice. A bit stiff for an everyday brush but it is nice when you want to really control where the shadow is going. The eyeliner brush will go in my giveaway pile because I have 3 already that I rarely use!

Urban Decay


Creamy, forever-lasting, award-winning and waterproof, 24/7 pencils delight you with lush tropical hues, deep metallics, and unusually vibrant neutrals.

The best Eye Pencil ever, ever, ever! Never before has a pencil this creamy and brilliant been waterproof, too. Velvety-soft, this never-before-seen formula stays soft and creamy for blending (about 30 seconds), then dries down to a long-lasting finish that WILL NOT budge. Line eyes with a hint of color or go for the full artistic, multi-hued effect with the wide selection of lush tropical hues, deep metallics and unusually vibrant neutrals. Incredible with Urban Decay Eyeshadows!

           This was VERY exciting addition to the bag. I do not own any Urban Decay liners because they are so expensive AND because I really do not use pencil eyeliner that much. I feel like when I line my lower eye it accentuates my fine lines and makes my eyes look smaller. That being said, I do use it sometimes so I am jazzed to try it out!


Lip Quench
Moisture-Infusion Lip Treatment

Lip Quench uses a blend of powerful nourishing oils to moisturize and smooth lips. Maxi-lip, a patented peptide complex, instantly improves hydration, definition and volume, while olive and sweet almond oils provide antioxidant protection. Helps lips feel softer, smoother and more plump by delivering intense moisture.

              I really like this stuff. It is nice and thick. It moisturizes the lips well! I have used it quite a bit since it arrived because I have super dry lips right now. It has made them much better. I like!!


False Eyelashes

Take your eye look to the next level with these All-Belle lashes. Handmade in Taiwan, these lashes are soft and knitted tightly for maximum comfort. Lashes can be reused up to 10 times and packaging includes glue for easy application!

               I have been on a fake eyelash kick!! I love using them SO much!! I will update this post later today with a picture of these on!!

             Do you subscribe to My Glam? If so what did you think of this months bag? If not keep reading to find out more about My Glam!

So what is My Glam? It is similar to Birchbox. It is subscription based, $10 monthly entitles you to a bag filled with deluxe samples and full size products. In my opinion it is more makeup themed than Birchbox. So far it has included more well know, high end brands and more actual makeup than Birchbox.  Here is some information from the My Glam website.

        Michelle Phan has inspired countless girls around the world through her beauty video tutorials on YouTube. Every day, the question Michelle gets asked the most is: “What are the right products for me?”
         With infinite beauty product combinations in the marketplace, choosing the best items for your needs can be a challenge! That was why Michelle created MyGlam. Michelle and her team of stylists have selected products they love, for you to try. Each month, subscribers will receive a beautiful Glam Bag with deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products. Members can watch and play along with the stylists with the same products that they are using. All for only $10 a month.

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  1. Ok, this will sound dumb but I have never used fake eyelashes before. I was able to sign up for myglam and got the bag this month. You said the eyelashes included glue? I didn't see any? I mean, there were the rubbery glue spots on each end holding them in place? Can you help me out? lol

    1. Not dumb at all!! I actually just got the hang of putting on full lashes a couple of weeks ago. Before I could not get them on right to save my life. A good place to start with fake lashes is a pair of demis. They are the half lashes. Super easy to apply. Above where it said it included glue, that is actually copied from the My Glam page. I just checked and if you flip over the package the lashes are stuck too the glue is back there. Make sure you let the glue set for 30 seconds at least before you apply to your eye!!

  2. Oh, can we have pics of you miniature horses (forget the Glam Bag, LOL)?