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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Milani Crystal Gloss

    As you know I have a new found love, It is Milani! The brand is so awesome and I love that it is available at Target. I actually picked these up in one of my friends de-stash sales. I paid around $5 for the 3 which is a good deal considering they retail for over $5 each.

           I took the wrapper off of this one and the name wasn't printed on the cap so I am unsure what color it is but I THINK it is Pucker Up. The gloss formula was nice, sticky but not too sticky. Had a pleasant smell and applied nicely.
          This color barely showed up on my lips but it is definitely a my lips but better shade for me.
Fruit Punch
                The name alone on this gloss makes it fabulous. I love it! This is a super pretty pink gloss. I am slowly opening myself up to lip colors. This gloss is a nice bridge between nude and total impact! Don't ya think?

Raspberry Icing
             Gah!! Why do they have to have such yummy names!! This gloss was the boldest out of the three. I have quite a few hot pink lippies in my collection now and this falls into that category for sure. This one will get the least amount of use because it is a bit bold for me.

               Overall I really liked these gloss. They are smaller than the other Miliani glosses I own coming in at 0.17 oz. They come in many different finishes such as cream, frost, shimmer, glitter and pearl and are available in over 15 colors! Have you tried these glosses? If so, what did you think?

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  1. I haven't tried these but I have seen a lot of people picking them up lately they have great colors!