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Friday, April 27, 2012

Beauty From The Earth Pro Colors!

                 I have been so behind on blogging!! I have had this set of BFTE Pro Colors for almost two weeks!! Ahhhh!! After this post I have one more then I am totally caught up! Huge WOOOOOOOOOOOT!!  Anyway, BFTE came out with a line of Pro Colors recently. Pro Colors are different from the standard BFTE pigments because they are made with dyes, silicones, waxes, etc. which make them more pigmented, vibrant, and blendable. They cost the same as the standard pigments, $6.50 for full size and $2.00 for sample jars. I just realized I missed one of the Pro Colors somewhere and added in Red Hot which is not a Pro Color. Lack of sleeping is getting to me!!!

Rainbow goodness <3
           Most people have heard of Beauty From The Earth but if you haven't here is a little info. BFTE is run by an amazing lady named Crystal. She is a busy mom and very dedicated to BFTE and her customers. BFTE has an ENORMOUS amount of pigments to choose from on their website. I have the hardest time ordering because there is so much to choose from so I end up just randomly picking things. I have never been disappointed! On top of the huge selection BFTE has the FASTEST shipping time. Almost all of my orders have been shipped within 24-48 hours. So awesome owner, great products and fast shipping time = FABULOUSNESS! One of my favorite thing about BFTE is that they offer every color pigment in a sample jar for only $2. This is great if you want to be able to try a color out before committing to a 5 gram pot or if you are trying to build your stash. Most of my BFTE stash is sample size. I have yet to finish a pot so they last quite a long time. Go check BFTE out!!

              All of these colors are so full of win. Kastra and Meissa are so pretty and will probably get the most wear from me because I am currently into teals and blurples. Orionis and Okul are calling my name too. These pigments swatched very well and quite smooth. I will update how they compare to the standard pigments in a few days.

Natural light by the window


             I have been naked face all week but I plan on doing a look with these colors today. Today is a big day here, my daughter turns 13! So I won't have time to come back and blog the look but I will post it over on my facebook so be sure to check it out. Also head on over to BFTE facebook and tell them hello <3

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  1. WOW! I love pigmented eyeshadows <3 I never heard about BFTE until now and it's in my fav list *-*

    I love all the colors but Meissa called my name! What a pretty teal *-*


  2. I just learned about BFTE. I have maybe 20 or so colors and have started learning how to use them. any hints or tricks

    1. Hi Nikki,
      The biggest tip I have is to use a primer and a base. You can get elf primer for $1 and it works quite well. As for a base I ALWAYS use NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk. It is white so it gives the pigments a nice base and makes the colors more vibrant. Also when applying make sure you pat the pigment on.