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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Shop Shop Shop, Cook Cook Cook and Vera Collection by MAC - Guest post by Lisa!!!

My Makup Sensei Lisa was invited to the launch of the Shop Shop Shop, Cook Cook Cook and Vera collections this week and she took lots of pictures and swatches for us!!! Thank you Lisa!!!

This post is going to be EXTREMELY PICTURE HEAVY!!!

 Pearlmatte Face Powders 
Flower Fantasy and Sunday Afternoon
$28.00 each

Pearlmatte Powder swatches.
             The Vera Pearlmatte Face Powders were disappointing, as the main part you can barely even swatch with any color at all. I used one today with a stipple brush though and it actually turned out okay. It was light and like the name says sorta matte but pearly at the same time. It was a bit of a soft focus effect.
        It seems that the pink Pearlmatte is more pigmented than the orangey one though, so if you're going to choose between them, go with the pink.

Shop and Drop

Colour Added
The orangey eyeshadow quad (Not shown here,Call Me Bubbles, I believe) was definitely not suited for cooler tones and it swatched out to be the worst of the 3 quads as far as texture and pigmentation goes, only the bottom right color of it seemed to be decent and copper penny sorta colored. One of those was incredibly hard and chalky.

I think the Colour Added quad (the blue and yellow) was the best as far as pigmentation and texture goes, but the Shop & Drop quad (the purples) was also not far behind that in quality. Considering how crappy the last year of quads have been that MAC has been putting out, these two were good. I got them both...

All 3 quads swatched together

Cremeblend Blushes
Florida and Restores Dazzle
The Cremeblend blushes were bright and pigmented. I would probably recommend that you use a stipple brush and a light hand with these, but the colors are pretty. The darkest Cremeblend blush actually kind of reminds me of the Vintage Grape Ombre blush.

Crushed Metallic Pigment Stacks x4
Butterfly Party 
The pigment stacks are really nice... I got the green and purple one. Its very vibrant and shiny. The Strawberry Patch stack looked very similar to the Summer Stash pigment stack from the Surf Baby collection last year though so I passed on that, and the other one (Aloha, I think) was more light champagney colors that I also already have. I'm quite pleased with the Butterfly one though. You may want to be aware that a lot of people are not a fan of the texture and application of these crushed metallic pigments though. For me, I find they apply best with my finger and mostly patted on. I like to use these to pat on the middle of my eyelid after I do the bulk of my eyeshadow. I also know of people successfully pressing these and finding them easier to work with, so that is also an option.

Innocence, Beware! Light yellow pink (Cremesheen) (Repromote)
Dish It Up Berry pink (Lustre)
Quick Sizzle Bright pink (Matte)
Naughty Saute Bright pepto pink (Cremesheen)

The Quick Sizzle lipstick might be pretty close to Pink Pigeon from the Iris Apfel Collection that came out a month ago, so if people missed out on that one, this one will probably be good for them.
Quick Sizzle is like Pink Pigeons darker sister. lol I also read somewhere that the Quick Sizzle was the first color to sell out at the event someone went to, so if you want it you should probably pre-order it or stalk the website to order the minute it gets posted.

  Kissable Lip Color

The kissable lipcolors are very nice. I like them and the way they feel a lot. Woo Me swatched out a bit more beigey orange than it really is, and it turns out to be a great pinky beige in the 'my lips but better' range.

First Row: Innocence Beware, Naughty Saute, Dish It Up, Quick Sizzle, Watch Me Simmer....
Second Row: Woo Me, Enchantee, Flaunting It, So Vain, Scan-Delicious
Third Row: Blush... Florida, Restores Dazzle!, Optimistic Orange

Pearlglide and Fluidliners
Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner - $15.00 I got Undercurrent (teal) and Designer Purple (purple) .All of the Pearlglide liners were really nice. I was impressed. They really did glide on with almost zero pressure on them and they're all really vibrant and sparkley.

The Fluidliners $15.00- are pretty basic. I got Wholesome
(blackened brown) and Added Goodness (blackened mauve) because they are pretty good staple colors to use when I don't want to use liquid liner. Sometimes I still want some darkness at the lashline that isn't quite straight black and noticeable.

Plushglass and Tendertones
$19.50 (Plushglass)
Butterfly Dream (Mid-tone violet with blue pearl) 
On A Holiday (Bright pink with blue pearl)
The Plushglasses were nice...but they're basically a sheer glittery lip plumping unsticky gloss. I got the On a Holiday and Butterfly Dream.... I haven't tried them on yet but I assume it will be a very slight twinge of the base color with some holographic sparkle and plumping effect. If you're sensitive to plumpers, you may want to be careful because Temptalia apparently had an allergic reaction to one batch of Plushglass a while back. 

The Tendertones are basically a glorified fruity smelling colored lip balm. I just got Hot n Saucy because its sorta reddish and good for slapping something on my corpsey lips that is low maintenance, but they feel a lot like the Sleek Pout Polishes to me, only fruity smelling. Another thing you could sorta use as a cheaper substitute would be the Hello Kitty Apple Balm, etc.

Laundry Daze palette for some of the eyeshadow, the pink Pearlmatte powder (and Armani Tourmaline Pink) for blush and Woo Me Kissable Lipcolor.

            These collections are scheduled to hit stores February 9th and  February 16th. 
Huge thanks to Lisa for buying all of the things and swatching for us!!! Let me know what you all snatch up from these collections!!!! I need one of the metallic pigment stacks for sure!!!


  1. Whoops...at the end, its the Colour Added palette, not Laundry Daze (thats one of the colors in the palette, derp)...

  2. Gorgeous swatches!! Quick question, do you know of the best dupes for the shop&drop quad? It's on my radar, but I feel like I have quite a few similar colours (idol eyes, stars & rockets, deep truth...).

  3. well, the top left is a matte baby pink sorta color... hard to find those in mattes a lot, but I guess you could use the Shiro pastel pink...

    the most unique one is probably the top right one...but theres a sorta similar color by Too Faced in the Sweet Dreams palette (also in the Romantic Eye palette I believe...this one is a bit on the taupey side and those are a bit more pastel purple but they're sorta close)

    there are tons of dupes for the bottom left one...like you said Stars n Rockets, Ben Nye Cosmic Violet...maybe UD Asphyxia or something similar...

    the last one is sort-of a cool toned blackened navy but I wish the color payoff and intensity were a bit better...theres not a *ton* of colors out in that range that aren't glittery...but off the top of my head maybe something out of the Wet N Wild blue 8-pan.... theres an Inglot shadow that is sorta similar...i forget the number...

  4. the frosty grey mauve color is called Hypnotizing...its a repromote that has been out a few times. I know it was in a palette from the Magic Mirth & Mischief collection - I saw it on ACWs site not too long ago, so maybe check that out on ACW or ebay and if thats the main one you're interested in, grab that palette instead of this quad.

    I did some google-fu and some people say a dupe for that one would be...

    Mauvement Pigment is similar.
    Satin Taupe is slightly darker.

  5. Awesome! Thanks for your help with this! I ended up ordering it a couple minutes ago, as the colours go very well together.

  6. i think it probably costs less to just buy the quad than to try to gather these colors from different brands together anyway, so good choice. Its a better quad than 90% of the ones they put out in 2011 at very least...so you should be pretty happy with it.

  7. Awesome swatches!! thankyou!

    ordered colour added so glad to see its so pigmented

  8. thanks for the vera butterfly swatch,I thought I could skip the vera collection but it seems that I will change my mind after this post!!