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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Beauty on a Budget - L.A. Colors

                I was at the Dollar Tree and these L.A. Colors palettes caught my eye. I am a sucker for round pans in palettes. I figured for $1 a piece I would try them out and if they sucked I could give them to my daughter.  My Dollar Tree only had these two color variations. It looks like these palettes, Boardwalk and Shooting Star are older ones and they now have a new line. A quick Google search shows these new palettes for around $2 - $4.

               Each palette has nice colors that go well with each other. I was pretty impressed with how smooth this shadow was when I swatched it and even more impressed with how the Boardwalk palette applied.
       Top of swatch is over NYX Jumbo pencil in milk and the bottom of the swatch is over bare skin. Both palettes had nice pigmentation with or without a base.

                The Boardwalk palette is my favorite out of the two. The colors are gorgeous. They applied opaque and blended very easily. The brown color was not as bold or pigmented as the yellow and orange.

          The Shooting Star palette looked really pretty but lacked a bit on the pigmentation for me. Blending was also a bit harder then the Boardwalk palette. At a price tag of $1 it still highly exceeded my expectations even with the minor flaws it has. I very heavily applied the shadow for this look.

           Overall I really liked these palettes. The Boardwalk palette has already made its way into my stash but I am going to pass the Shooting Star palette along ONLY because I have more pigmented similar colors in my Coastal Scents 88 Palette. If you happen upon either of these palettes at your Dollar Tree I would say to snatch them up. They are a great steal at $1. I really like L.A. Colors and plan to try out more products. I also found a dupe to the automatic Revlon Colorstay pencils at the Dollar Tree so keep your eyes peeled for that post soon!!
            Are you a fan of L.A. Colors? If so, what is your favorite product? Just browsing their site I see quite a few products I want to try! Do you have a beauty on a budget product you want to share? Comment and tell me all about it!!!!

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  1. I bought 2 of these for my daughter as treats and was really surprised by the quality too. The ones I bought were 5 colors. Dollar General always has them in stock :-)

    1. I think this brand is awesome for someone on a tight budget or who is looking to build a stash. I can't wait to try more stuff!! I use Revlon Colorstay automatic pencil on my eyebrows and I think I pay around $6 for it. I found the LA Colors automatic pencil one at Dollar Tree and it is actually better!! I went back and bought 5 of them yesterday lol