PDP Exclusives by Rebecca

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Super Duper Tuesday is BACK!!!!

                 This look from one of my makeup friends, appeared in my facebook feed yesterday and I fell in love. It looked like a pretty straightforward look as far as application but I did have some issues getting my teal to look icy and I could not get a good picture of the finished look.

My friend AMP's look.
She actually duped this from Madd Style Cosmetix
model Krissi Sandvik.
Here is the link to the original look
               AMP used Madd Style's Strange Potion, Peep Show, Mondo, Taransula (instead of Oogie Boogie), Nirvana, Ol '55 and Star Gazer

My finished look.
              I used Kou, Melon and Rasberry by BFTE, Tattooed by Glamour Doll Eyes, Poison Plum by Sugarpill, Ol' 55 and Bi-Winning by Madd Style Cosmetix and Skimp by Urban Decay. My liner is Jordana Fabuliner and my mascara is Stila Major Lash.
             My foundation is Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in Nude #4, blush is Pink Tutu by Flirt! and my lips are Vaseline lip balm (lol)

If you duplicate this look please link me to it!! I wanna see!! Also if you have a look you would like to see me try to dupe, let me know!! I love suggestions!!