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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Spreading Holiday Cheer!!!

                   First let me send a HUGE HUGE thank you out to everyone who helped with these bags. So many great companies, ladies and friends made it possible to send over 36 bags to ladies in need of some holiday cheer!! When this idea first came to me I thought I would do 10 bags and have a few baggie samples from a different companies along with some elf products. I had no idea so many people would donate and be so generous. I am completely in awe. Not only did companies send samples, but also huge packages filled with full size products! I accumulated enough donations to do enough bags to send to everyone who was nominated. Shipping to 36 separate people was expensive and a few awesome ladies stepped up and sent some paypal to help with shipping!! So much generosity has left me with a wonderful feeling this holiday season. So thank you all again. To those of you who received bags, I hope they have lifted your spirits even if just for a little bit. I hope that it has shown you that there are a lot of people who care about you and love you. I hope that whatever the reason was that you were nominated gets better for you. I have prayed for you all ever night since hearing your stories. God Bless and Happy Holidays to you all!!

 Everything for the gift bags ready to be organized and packed up.

 All the makeup and various items organized and ready to put into 
individual bags.

Here is the note I included inside of the Christmas card in each package.

I was able to send 10 large packages, each with a makeup bag made by me
stuffed with makeup! This is how I wrapped it up before placing it in the mailer.

Inside one of the larger bags

I also made 26 of these smaller bags. I used either these pink organza bags
or green snowman cellophane bags. Each bag had 4 or more full size pigments plus
a bunch of samples.

Some of the small bags ready to go into mailers

All ready to go!!

                I sent these last Friday and as of today almost everyone has received their bags! Below I am going to include links to each company that donated. Over the next 2 months I plan on purchasing from these companies and doing a "spotlight" on each of them. Click the image to view each shop!

 Bracelets by my daughter Nicolina
Moon Rabbit Cosmetics
Baby Cakes Designs

Please take some time and visit the links above!!!

Plus donations from beauty blogger
 and other donations from many kind, generous ladies.

A couple donation packages did not make it in time to be included in these holiday bags but
I have another idea up my sleeve for Valentine's day <3

So once again,

This would not have been possible without all of your help and kindness!!

Happy Holidays everyone!!!

I am having a giveaway over on my facebook page for a One Year Bible.
Jesus Christ is the reason for the season and I want to spread the word
of God!! Head on over to enter!!!

Thanks for reading,

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  1. Wow, congratulations on having that many orders, they are beautiful! This reminds me of that episode of Big Bang Theory though, I hope you can handle that much increase in demand.

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