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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Love Hues, Review, Swatches and Giveaway!

           The lovely Mary from Love Hues sent me an amazing package of pigments to try out recently. I have browsed Love Hues on Etsy quite a few times so I was excited. She picked out some wonderful color choices. Most are colors I do not have in my collection and are very neat! My package arrived quickly and it was wrapped up nicely. Inside was 1 full size pot of pigment and 12 samples.

                     The pot of pigment and the samples had very nice clean labels that contain color name, ingredients and other helpful information. Love Hues offers a wide array of color choices. Sample sizes are available in packages ranging from $5 - $12. My sample baggies had ample amount and will last me at least 5-10 applications. You can check out the sample packages here. The product photos used on Love Hues Etsy are very nice. They show the pigment swatched wet, dry and in the pot so you get a clear image of what the pigment actually looks like. I really appreciate that. Pigment in pots are $5.99 and you get a
five gram jar with 1.0 grams of pigment and a sifter.

This is a GORGEOUS COLOR!! Underwater Chameleon is described 
as a Muted green-aqua, with a golden interference and a slight blue undertone.
Color shifts from a green to a gold. When foiled, the gold in the color really pops.

         When I started swatching these colors I nearly fell out of my chair. They looked pretty in the baggies but once applied they were phenomenal! The colors were so intricate. I am more excited about these colors than I have been about ANY colors in a long time. They also swatched better than ANY other pigment I have ever tried. The top of the swatch is over NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk and the bottom is over bare skin. Normally when I swatch like this there is an obvious line and change in pigmentation where the NYX Jumbo Pencil stops and the bare skin starts. Not with these! These pigments applied as opaque with or without a base! 
Truthfully I love all of these colors but my favorites are Underwater Chameleon and Lavender Ghost.
Swatches in the sunlight
                     Here is the first look I did. I used Lavender Ghost, Opaline Moonstone, Blueberry Pie, and Pink Frost. This look could have used a dark smoky purple but I wanted to do an EOTD using only Love Hues.

           This second look was an attempted/failed cut crease. The colors look GORGEOUS but my application sorta sucks. I am unsure of how to end the cut crease when it stops near the inner eye. Tips?
I used Lavender Ghost, Underwater Chameleon, Sea Sprite and Electric Turquoise. All of the pigments applied and blended well.

              I asked Mary to tell us a little bit about herself and Love Hues. Here is what she had to say.

             I officially started selling on Etsy in March 2011, but I’ve been formulating with mineral makeup since 2006. I got started making cosmetics is because I purchased some mineral makeup online from a small company a friend recommended, and I gave a light pink eyeshadow to my mom. She really liked the color and ran out, so I went to purchase another one in the same color for her, but the company had discontinued that color.
            I tried to find a similar color from another maker, but I couldn’t find anything that matched the color closely enough that had the same finish. As part of my search for the discontinued color, I came across many more mineral cosmetics websites, one of them being a wholesale store. I ordered a few pinks from the company, and found a few that were similar and I just mixed some of the colors together until I was happy with a match of the color my mom had – and it just took off from there. I studied the different ingredients, what gave opacity, adhesion, slip, etc… and started making eyeshadows for myself.
             I love making new colors - I am a “taupe” kind of girl in terms of the eyeshadows I personally wear, so making colors lets me enjoy having bright eyeshadows that I love, without feeling like I frivolously bought a bright color that I won’t wear. I usually formulate when I feel inspired and start “seeing colors” everywhere I look, even behind closed eyes. It’s one of my favorite things to do.

I finally decided to open the store in 2011 because I had so many colors that I wanted to share them with people. I have a few blushes that I haven't released yet, but plan to do so in the near future as well as more eyeshadows! I love makeup and I have a ton of makeup from various mineral makeup e-tailers, department stores and drugstores, and so I thought it would be great to be able to share the colors that I had made with other makeup fans – and get to live vicariously through girls who wear my brighter colors!!

                Overall thoughts?? I really like these pigments. They are so pretty and complex. Browsing though Love Hues I see quite a few other colors that my collection needs. I have a vast amount of mineral pigments so finding colors that I do not have or ones that catch my eye is becoming rare. I am extremely excited about Love Hues! The pricing is average $5.99 for a 5 gram pot. Shipping time was very quick and the packaging/labeling is clean and neat. I would definitely buy from Love Hues again.
  Have you tried Love Hues? If so what is your favorite pigment? If not, would you like too?
The lovely Mary has donated 5 sample baggies and 1 full size pot of pigments in your
choice of colors! One lucky follower will win!!          

How To Enter:
You must do all 3 to enter!!
1. Be a follower on this blog
2. Go to Love Hues Etsy shop and pick your 5 sample colors and 1 full pot color.
3. Like Love Hues on Facebook
Once you have done all 3 please comment with your color choices to enter.

Extra Entries:
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3. Post a link to this giveaway anywhere ( blog, twitter, facebook, message boards etc) You get one extra entry for each place you post.
Each extra entry MUST be commented SEPARATE or it will be counted as one entry.

Giveaway ends 11/15/2011


  1. Wow... I love Unicorn hair (lovely name, too!) and Sunrise pink :)

  2. I picked Candy Corn, Opaline Moonstone, Artic Lilac, Magic Happens, Sea Sprite, and Cold Blooded.

    These colors are simply gorgeous, it was hard to pick 6 favorites.

  3. My favorite is probably Sunrise Pink, followed closely by Creeping Violet, Dewdrop, Sandcastle, Spring Fling and Blueberry Pie :)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. I like you on FB as Melissa Blackburn

  5. I've never tried this company before. Of I were to win, I would choose Underwater chameleon, Fuchsia sweets, Waterlily pearl, Lightning storm, Buried treasure, and Electric turquoise.

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  9. So pretty:) My picks would be Opaline Moonstone, Dreamy, Creeping Violet, Gold-Spun Peach, Chesnut Mulberry, and Buried Treasure

  10. If I were to win, I would pick Desert Sun, Sunrise Pink, Opaline Moonshine, Sea Sprite, Unicorn Hair and Underwater Chameleon. :)

  11. Liked your page on Facebook as Emily Gower.

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  13. Hello! I follow Love Hues via fb as Dorottya Zsófia Bacsi, you via gfc as doroffee, and my picks:
    Opaline Moonstone (full pot)
    Lightning Storm
    Royal Evening Ball
    Red Velvet
    Citrus Sunrise

  14. first entry: :D

    full pot: creeping violet
    5 samples: magic happens, titans crown, underwater chameleon, fuschia sweets, waterlily pearl!

    thank you!!!! :D

  15. already a fan on facebook: shanna proctor

  16. I've never tried this company, but I'd love a full size Blueberry Pie, and samples of
    1)Underwater Chameleon
    2) Electric Turquoise
    3)Cold Blooded
    4)Creeping Violet
    5)Magic Happens

  17. I already liked you on FB as Amber Costello

  18. Geez!I have never tried this company, but these colors look so beautiful! I would love samples of...
    Heartfelt Whimsy
    Blueberry Pie
    Red Velvet
    Antique Moon
    Sea Sprite

    And the full pot of Mystery, because that looks like such a beautiful color. :)

  19. Followed you on Makeupbee! :)
    I had never heard of Makeupbee, and now I anticipate being addicted to another website... haha

  20. GFC: fatema
    liked hues on facebook
    facebook: Zaara Khan

    i like

    The Girl Glows
    sea sprite
    royal evening ball
    stormy taupe
    black gold

    full pot of Opaline Moonstone

    email: fatimagill@live.com

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    facebook name: Zaara Khan


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  24. Hi :)
    I'm a follower vi agfc: peniam
    I "like" love Hues on FB: Monika P
    I'd choose: Desert Sun as a full size and Spiced Cocoa, Aztec, Castle Secrets and Duckling as samples.
    Thank you :)

  25. I follow as Ana on gfc.
    I liked lovehues on facebook as annelise w.
    Pot: the girl glows.
    samples: sea sprite, golden sage, spring fling, blueberry pie, opaline moonstone.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

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  27. Following on makeupbee as well!

  28. Pls enter me

    GFC Bebe
    Email bebe03@hotmail.sg

    5 sample colors Midnight Garden, Dove Grey, Aztec, Chestnut Mulberry, The Girl Glows

    1 full pot color Sandcastle

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  29. GFC Bebe
    Email bebe03@hotmail.sg

    5 sample colors Midnight Garden, Dove Grey, Aztec, Chestnut Mulberry, The Girl Glows

    1 full pot color Sandcastle

    Like Love Hues on Facebook Bebe Lee

  30. Extra Entries

    Like you on Facebook Bebe Lee

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  33. Blog post http://bebe2003.blogspot.com/p/giveaway.html

  34. Hi!!

    GFC name: bambaki83
    Email: mimica69(at)hotmail(dot)com

    5 sample colors: Sea Sprite, Chestnut Mulberry, Chocolate Foil, Golden Sage, Sandcastle

    1 full pot: Dewdrop

    I have the public profile. but these days blogger is giving me problems and change it to private, please do not disqualify me, I can send a screenshot or something.


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