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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pretty Addictions - Review, EOTD, Swatches and Giveaway!

            I came across Pretty Addictions on Facebook and decided to check out their shop. Their webstore was very easy to navigate with great product pictures. I quickly found the blogger package and emailed the owner, Kassandra about purchasing it. She responded to my email within a half an hour, I had a few more
questions that were answered immediately and then I placed my order. I ordered the blogger package and some extra clam shell samples. It was shipped within an hour! I am not talking about the label being printed. I mean, it was accepted at the post office within an hour of ordering. That rocks! My order arrived in 2 days and looked great! Everything was packed to perfection.
Top label

Bottom label
Full of information!

Everything was shrink wrapped. This is a nice touch.

Clamshell samples!

Blush label
Once again all the information you need.
I thought I would use this on my eyes when I did my EOTD but
checked and noticed it was not eye safe!
Thumbs up for proper labeling!!!

Sample label. Perfect!

Hellow Yellow, Hell On Heels, Mai Tai, Obnoxious, Wild Thang (blush)
True, Uplifting, Sober
             The pots all came shrink wrapped but none (The blush and bronzer both come with sifters) had  a sifter inside of it. Personally I do not like sifters anyway but others may not like this. All of these pigments swatched nicely. Uplifting and Sober were pretty glittery so I was not sure how they would blend. Pricing for pigments varies from $1.00 sample baggie, $1.25 clamshell sample, $3.50 for a 5 gram pot and $5.50 for a 10 gram pot. That is a bargain!! Blush, Luminizer and Bronzer pricing also varies from $2.00 sample to $7.50 for a 20 gram jar.

Swatches in the sunlight

          Here is the first look I did. I used Obnoxious, Uplifting and Sober. The glittery pigments all blended pretty well and I did not experience much fall out at all. I was impressed!

           The second look I did was a really fast one. My parents were coming over to visit and I woke up late. I slapped this on and took a quick pic. I used Hellow Yellow, Mai Tai and Hell on Hells. I love Hell on Heels. I am a huge fan of this type of rusty red lately.

        I have to comment on the blush, Wild Thang. I LOVE IT!!! It is a fabulous bright pink blush. I wore it with some Sugarpill Decora pretty bold on the weekend and in the first look above I used it lightly.

     I am going to add in a bit more information in my reviews about the owner and the company from now on. I hope you enjoy this little extra and it is informative. I emailed Kassandra and asked her a few questions. Here are her answers!

When did you start Pretty Addictions?
After months and months of research,Pretty Addictions became a reality in March of 2011!! I have to admit when my very first order came through I was so nervous. I strive to make others happy and even though I had great feedback from several friends and family about our products, the moment of truth was actually within the hands of our first customer. The moment I read her review on her blog, I felt like I could breath and her review helped solidify my feelings of knowing I had in fact done something right! 

Why did you start your own cosmetic line?
Within the last few years I have really become quite obsessed with cosmetics ( my blog as well as my bank account sure can vouch for that hehe). While I love trying different cosmetic brands I always felt like there was just one color here and there I just couldn't find that was perfect or what I was looking for. I am an insomniac and have the tendency to stay up late watching Youtube videos and ran across several girls making their own cosmetics, and a light bulb went off! If they can do it, well then I can do it too! Then the research began!!! I have always been a artsy type of person so to be able to create something so awesome and be able to look at it used so many different ways truly makes my heart smile and feel proud of not only the beautiful girls wearing our products but myself for creating something so beautiful as well!

 What is your favorite product you make?
I absolutely love making new products, but my absolute favorite product I have ever made and still love making is Wild Thang blush. I knew exactly what I wanted going into making Wild Thang and the formulation worked perfectly. A lot of girls get intimidated yet memorized as first glance. Like myself they love pink because let's face it what girly girl doesn't love bright Barbie pink, yet are a little nervous because they don't want to walk around looking like a clown! I have yet to hear one person say they dislike Wild Thang and I hope I can continue to say that!

Say Hello to Kassandra!
She is wearing Mojito, Sober, Torrid, Wicked and Pina Colada
on her eyes and Wild Thang blush on her cheeks!!
Overall thoughts?
I really like this company. The owner Kassandra is super sweet and her customer service is AMAZING.
The products are good and the packaging is professional. Pricing is below average. Pretty Addictions currently offers over 45 different pigments colors and a nice array of blush and bronzer choices. Like I said before, the shipping time was INSANE fast, the website was easy to navigate and has clear pictures. I am going to be purchasing the other color blushes and bronzers soon! Kassandra also runs a super fun Facebook fanpage for Pretty Addictions complete with games! I happened on the page when one was going on and won a sample pack. It was totally neat!! Check it out here.

      Kassandra was generous enough to send a little package 
that one lucky follower will win!!
Inside this beautiful bag is 
1 5gram pot of Sober
Sample Baggies of:
Kiwi, Locked and Loaded, Pina Colada and Electric Lemonade

How to enter:
You must do all 3 of these to enter the giveaway.
1. Be a follower of this blog.
3. Browse Pretty Addictions shop and tell me which color/product you like most.
Once you have done all three comment with the color/product you chose below for one entry.

Extra Entries: 
2.  Follow me on MakeupBee
3. Post a link to this giveaway anywhere!
You get an extra entry each place you post the link!

One lucky follower will be chosen at random on 10/19/2011

 Have you tried Pretty Addictions? If so, what did you think?

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  1. FIRST! lol (I'm never 1st on anything haha)

    So again I am stalking you, which is one of the highlights of my day (thank you for that!), and as usual, I followed all of your instructions because you are a pigment goddess, and the laws of nature that rule makeup land say I must. I love this new line you discovered! I looked over the products and colors, and they are very impressive. While I almost ALWAYS pick an eye pigment for a favorite, I have to confess, it was a blusher that caught my attention this time. French Kisses. It is a unique color--not too orange, not too pink, and it appears to have a spackling of shimmer in it, but not too much. I have a hard time finding that balance in a blush. Either matte or reflective shimmers. I may have to order this blush when my funds are freed up! *note to self: French Kisses blush on WANT list*

    Thanks Christina!

    Rebecca S. xox

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  3. I follow your blog via GFC as Adela
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  4. I have heard really good things about Pretty Addictions, and I have been browsing their shop without yet buying something for quite some time, which I usually do with most places before I end up purchasing something :D I totally want to get the Dancing with the Devil collection. I am such a sucker for Halloween collections!

    I like you on FB, follow you on Makeup Bee, and posted links to this giveaway on Facebook, the side of my blog, and on Twitter.

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway <3

  5. Browsing through the Pretty Addictions shop, I fell in love with the 'Pride' collection...the right balance of bold color and true variety!
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    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  6. I'm following you on this blog and MakeupBee...also liked Pretty Addictions on FB :]

    I'm in love with Obnoxious and Hocus Pocus. It was so hard to just choose one, all the color are beautiful.

  7. I follow you via GFC as KimmieKarmaLove
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    I really like the shadow Torrid

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  9. Great review! Kassandra is so sweet and I love her products! I am now following your blog and I hope you check mine out as well (i saw the link to this post on pretty addictions fb page). I will be putting up my blogger package review in a few days as well. I am happy I found your blog!

  10. Gah! You look fabulous! Love this stuff, I see another need list, LOL. I love "Norma Jean".

  11. This looks like such a great company, I will definitely be purchasing in the near future! Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I follow you via GFC as Adriane, and have "liked" both Pretty Addictions & your Confessions FB page (also as Adriane M!). I'm loving True Eyecolor & Wild Thang blush!!

  12. I love pretty addictions and Kassandra is such a sweet woman. Great review! :)
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  14. I LOVE Pretty Addictions!! Kas is one of my favorite people in the world!!! <3
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  15. Hi!
    I follow you as doroffee :).
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    I love the sahde of the Bloom eyeshadow!

    I follow you via fb as Dorottya Zsófia Bacsi.


  16. I love a lot of the products in the shop but if I had to pick 1 it would probably be Mai Tai. I like it because I think it is pretty unique, and it is a color I definitely don't already have.


  17. posted here: http://makeupmusiclife.blogspot.com/2011/10/alert-confessions-of-glitterholic.html


  18. Very pretty! I'll have to check her out :)

  19. • i follow via GFC
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    • i like the eyeshadows - pink pearls, vintage doll, mojito, and mango margarita are catching my eye right now
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    • i follow you on makeupbee

    i bought 4 samples from pretty addictions several weeks ago. i LOVE the colors i received, customer service was good, and shipping was fast! i'm ready to explore this company more, that's for sure!

  20. • i follow you via GFC
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    • i really LOVE blonde bombshell. yellows are to die for

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  21. I follow the blog via GFC as Shanna

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    I REALLY love Obnoxious and Torrid, I couldn't pick between the two. those colors are my absolutely favorites, seriously, fan-freaking-tastic :D

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  23. I forgot my email, not sure if you need it!! Sorry!! (winterpoet13@gmail.com)

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