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Friday, October 21, 2011

Katie Belle Candles! Lip Balm review and giveaway!

           I recently came across Katie Belle Candles on Etsy and was really impressed with her lip balms. I know a candle shop selling lip balms seems off but when you read Katiey's story below it will all make sense.
I ordered a special package Katiey put together for me. I ended up paying $6.50 for four lip balms and that included shipping. My package arrived very quickly, within a couple of days and was packaged very nicely.

The labeling on these products is very clean and crisp which I like.
The labels will not fade with time like most home printed labels would.
        The tube style lip balms are $2.25 each and come in a variety of mouth watering "flavors". I received
Macintosh Apple, Strawberry Smoothie, Pumpkin Eggnog and Lemon Cheesecake. I tucked Strawberry Smoothie away and one lucky follower will win it ( enter below). The other three lip balms I have tried and used for a couple of weeks. I have to say I am impressed. They are super smooth and silky and have a fantastic scent to them.

       My husband is a lip balm addict. Like seriously addicted. He panics if he does not have a lip balm with him at all times. I think he is weird but I hear it is quite a common addiction. Whenever I get any lip balms to review I insist he test them out also. I think of him as a lip balm connoisseur. He knows all. LOL. He tried Pumpkin Eggnog and Macintosh Apple and really liked both of them. He said the formula is perfect, not too oily or waxy. Pumpkin Eggnog has become his daily lip balm which is pretty amazing seeing it kicked out a maple pancake flavored balm he had been carrying for months!!

         This one here is my favorite. It has the most amazing smell ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously just open it to sniff it when I am sitting at my vanity. You all need to try some Lemon Cheesecake!!
             It does appear that both the tube and pot of lip balm are the same formulas. I like both types. I prefer the pot for home and the tube for when I am out. I really just love the smell of the lemon cheesecake and I am pretty sure I need it in a tube. Also pretty sure everyone in my family is getting a tube for Christmas LOL.

             Browsing through the etsy shop again has really intrigued me and I plan on making a candle order very soon. I personally buy all my scented candles and tarts from handmade sellers. They are so much more affordable and usually have a much bigger scent payoff than store bought candles.
               I asked Katiey to tell me a bit about herself and her shop. I hope you enjoy getting to know a little bit more about Katiey and Katie Belle Candles.

                 My business is still basically a baby. I started making candles at the end of last year. I have always been a hands on, crafty person and while I was watching a movie with my husband one night there was a woman in the movie who was making candles. I just turned to him and told him that it looked like something fun to try...so I did:) I began making lip balms just this June because at the time, my Grandma was nearing the end of her battle with Lymphoma and her skin stayed very dry from her Chemo treatments. I wanted to make something that she could use that could bring her some comfort. My lip balms are all natural and contain organic shea and cocoa butters, because they are so well known for hydrating the skin. So, since my lip balms don't contain any sweeteners, you can actually use it on your lips, feet, hands and even dry patches of skin, like your elbows. So, in a way, my Grandma was my inspiration for my lip balm line. Her favorite was Vanilla Smoothie, so that flavor has a special place in my heart. "Katie Belle" was my nickname from my Granddad. To this day, he still calls me Katie Belle whenever he talks to me, so that is where I got the name for my business. Also
the names of all of the candles in my shop are named after women in my family. 

                Overall I am really impressed with this company. Great product, fast shipping, excellent customer service and good prices. I plan on ordering again soon.  Have you tried anything from Katie Belle Candles?
If so, what did you think? Want to win a lip balm? One lucky follower will be chosen at random to win one lip balm in
Strawberry Smoothie

How to enter?
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Giveaway ends 10/30/2011

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  1. Enter me please.
    Okay so it's a tie between the Macintosh apple balm and the buttercream cupcake balm. Both look yummy. melissa.blackburn(01)atgmail.com

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  3. This looks so great.

    I follow you via GFC
    and I think both all natural rice crisp treats and the buttercream cupcake ones look so good :3


  4. enter me, please! i follow via GFC.

    i'm looking at either juicy orange lip balm (don't see orange very often!) or strawberry smoothie lip balm (i'm a sucker for strawberry ANYTHING!)

    noemptyyesterdays AT gmail DOT com

  5. i'm a fan of confessions of a glitterholic on FB (no empty yesterdays) - and i have to say, it's the only blog i follow very regularly...there's a lot of great ones out there...but you post frequently and i love your posts!

    i follow on makeupbee (under no empty yesterdays)!

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    I would love to try the vanilla smoothie lip gloss and the Wanda's Baked Pears soy candle cuz I loooooove candles :)

    Enter me please
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