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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Kat Von D Metal Orchestra Palette

One of my makeup buddies was selling this palette so I snatched it up for about $20 shipped.
I have been eyeballing the Kat Von D palettes for some time so I was super excited.
The palette itself is gorgeous!

I really liked some of the colors, the last two were a bit too gray and muddy toned for my liking.

 Swatches in the sunlight

Here is a look I did using some of the colors. I was not thrilled with this.
I never wear gray tones and this just looks like a muddy mess to me.
The shadows do apply very nicely and are opaque without having to layer
which was great but like I said before, the colors are just not for me.
I promptly packed this palette back up and it went on to a new home.
I hope it is getting lots of loves there <3
This palette is on sale at Sephora for $24 which a great value for the amount
of shadow and color variations in the palette.
I really want to try some of the other
Kat Von D palettes soon.

Have you tried Kat Von D palettes? If so what do you think?
Based on the looks you have seen me do, which palette should I try next?

Thanks for reading!



  1. I have the Kat Von D palettes in True Love, and Angeles. I had ordered Adora first, on sale for $15, but one of the colors shattered in shipping so I returned it to the store. They had NO palettes in stock, and told me to call them later in the week because they were getting a shipment in. I was then told that they do not even carry that palette in the store, and it has been out of stock since then.

    So anyway, I decided to try the other palettes. A Sephora rep told me on the phone that she owned the Angeles palette and loved it; she found it very versatile and pigmented. I kind of have a love/hate relationship with these palettes.

    Sometimes I feel like I need to use a bit more product than I do with other brands, and it feels and looks a little ...powdery? However, once I have all the colors on that I'm using and blend it all, it is always a pleasant surprise because it turns into a very pretty look. I think I was expecting the colors to be a bit bolder and dramatic; they are much softer than I would have liked.

    But as I said, they do turn out pretty in the end.

  2. I just got Angeles, and I really like it. The colors aren't quite as pigmented as I expected, but the looks I've come up with so far have come out nice. I haven't tried any of the other palettes, but there are a few I have my eye on.

  3. If only these were more easy to get in the UK! I actually think that look looks really great on you, the blues are beautiful!