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Saturday, October 29, 2011

D & E Handmade Cosmetics by Esalcedo Review, Swatches and Giveaway!

                I came across D & E Handmade Cosmetics by Esalcedo recently and was intrigued by their lipsticks. I have tried quite a few handmade lip glosses and balms but never any real solid lipstick. I shot the owner, Eva a message and she put together a nice sized package for me. I paid approximately $7. This is a pretty new shop, only opening in September so it is still evolving. The packaging I was sent is undergoing change so I will not be reviewing the packaging, just the products. I received my order pretty quickly and it was packaged very nicely. The shop is based in Hawaii so of course it has a Hawaiian theme and in the future the products will have professional labels with Hawaiian flowers on them. Sounds so pretty!!

Everything was labeled with ingredients and color names.

                I was able to choose my pigments and I choose Cherrywood, Pumpkin,Golden Sunset
Coral Bronze and Terracotta. Pumpkin is actually a mineral blush but it is eye safe.
               These pigments swatched beautifully. They are very rich in color and have a great texture. My favorites were Golden Sunset and Terracotta. I am a sucker for the fall colors lately!!
               These pigments have a nice amount of shimmer to them without producing a lot of fallout when applied. Pricing for pigments is very low at $2.49 for a 10 gram jar. Eva, the owner told me she wanted to start her shop with low prices because she knows that times are tough for a lot of people and also wanted to appeal to a younger crowd who may not have much extra money to spend on makeup.

               I wanted to do a simple clean look ( No liner, can you believe it!!) . I used Golden Sunset, Pumpkin and Terracotta. The colors applied opaque without having to pack it on or layer it and blended quite nicely.

            Mochaccino Bronzer
               First let me say, I really dislike loose bronzer and blush. It is messy and a pain in the butt. I can never get the right amount on my brush, it is always too much and then I end up getting it all over my vanity. However this packaging made it a bit easier to use. The sifter seal can slide shut. I shook it to get a lot of bronzer out for this picture but afterward I cleaned it up and now I am able to just get a tiny amount for each use. This is a pretty bronzer with a hint of shimmer. Pricing for bronzer is $5.99 for a 16 gram jar which is affordable.

                Both lipsticks had nice packaging with solid sturdy tubes. They looked like they would be splotchy or streaky but they were not. I liked the formula, it was not too dry or tacky. The colors were also nice. I think Love Hot Pink is a bit much for my skin tone but the Sheer Lip Shimmer is perfect on me. Lipsticks are $3.99 each which is a great deal for handmade lipstick in a tube.

 I asked Eva to tell me a little bit about herself and the company. Here is what she had to say!

               I spent eight years in the US Army, I just got out last December after my daughter was born. I basically started researching cosmetics after I had my daughter because my skin went crazy after her birth. I purchased really expensive products and nothing was working for me. During my research I learned about how cosmetic products have tons of ingredients, so it's kind of hard to pinpoint what is not working or if you're allergic to something. So, with that in mind I started exploring making my own cosmetics. Then I pretty much decided that I wanted to start sharing this with others and registered my business last July. I have other products that I'm developing right now such as face cleanser and liquid foundation, that I plan on releasing once I'm happy with the formula. Etsy is my main venue for sales, but I visit craft fairs once in a while so local people can find out about the product. I always post my upcoming events to my website www.dehandmadecosmetics.com. Also, I already wrote to you about my prices, which I keep low as my sales strategy. I have a lot of people tell me that I'm underselling myself, but so far I feel comfortable about the prices, so as long as I can justify the price I will maintain it that way.

             Overall I really like this company. The pricing is fabulous! If you know anybody who is on tight a budget or is trying to build a stash you should tell them to check this shop out. The products are very well made and perform good. D & E Handmade Cosmetics by Esalcedo currently offers over 34 eyeshadow pigments, 5 different blushes and bronzers, 7 shades of mineral foundation, 7 shades of lipstick and even had handmade eyeliner! I personally have a lot of makeup so I most likely would not purchase anymore pigments for myself but I think I might purchase some and make some gift bags for the holidays. I definitely want to try out the eyeliner!

     Eva was kind enough to add in two extra pots of pigment for a giveaway!
One lucky follower will win 1 pot of Amethyst and 1 pot of Ocean!

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