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Friday, September 2, 2011

MAC Surf Baby Good Lovin' Lipglass

My Makeup Sensei Lisa ( are you sick of me talking about her yet , lol) was selling some of her unused M.A.C stuff and I snatched up this Lipglass. I only own one other Lipglass and I am not a huge fan of it because the stickiness. I know, I know, stickiness means longevity in a gloss. Even though that means it is a good quality gloss it still bugs the heck out of me!!

Surf Baby Collection
Good Lovin'
Good Lovin' is described as a soft peachy pink. I would agree with that color description. It is a really pretty color. I love the smell and taste ( Not that I eat it or anything) of all M.A.C lip products.

Arm Swatch

Applied, picture taken with flash.

Applied, picture taken in natural light.

My overall thoughts are that this is a very pretty color but I just cant get over the stickiness of this gloss. I should have remembered this before buying it. I doubt I will be wearing this much even though it is gorgeous.
What do you think of M.A.C Lipglass? What about Good Lovin'? 

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  1. That is lovely! I love a good sticky gloss.