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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hard Candy Glossaholic Lip Gloss

My sweetheart makeup buddy Quinn sent me a Hard Candy Glossaholic
lip gloss when she sent me my Sleek Sunset palette.
Thank you again Quinn!!!!
I have been wanting to try these glosses but I have sworn off of Wal-Mart
and pledged an allegiance to Target.
Where else do they sell Hard Candy??

This gloss is HUGE. It is easily double the size of most glosses.
The doe foot applicator is the best I have ever used.
It too, is huge and soooooooooo soft with a flattened tip
that makes application a breeze. I may or may not have an addition to this
doe foot. =0x
Bare Lips

Glossaholic Lips!!

This gloss is available at Wal-Mart in at least 8 different shades for around
$5.00. This is CHEAP for how much product you get.
I love these!!

Have you tried any Hard Candy glosses??
IF so, what did you think?
What other Hard Candy products should I try???

Thanks for reading,



  1. I've tried the glossaholic too and love them, and the glitter in them but I accidently picked up one that was supposed to help "wake you up" and the smell and taste of generic coffee YUCK!!...so now it collects dust. I am trying to get my hands on their showgirls best glitter glue, 5 bucks and I heard it rocks

  2. I wish I could wear gloss! I get easily irritated by how sticky it gets so I wear them once. :( Great pics tho! Beautiful lips <3

  3. I have a hard candy lip gloss that I love too. it's not the same one, but it's my favorite.

  4. That looks so pretty, I love the flaky glitter *__* We can't get Hard Candy over here sadly :(

  5. I have the show girl glitter glue!! I used it once and it's just sitting...I don't wear enough makeup apparently lol I really like hard candy for easy accessibility and price!

  6. beautiful lipgloss. I am not a fan of walmart either. I am pretty sure you can only get hardcandy instore or walmart.com

  7. I just got one tonight! OH FABULOUS.
    I'm determined to own all of them.
    Even if they are on the sticky side ;o