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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Venomous Cosmetics Review

I recently placed an order with Venomous Cosmetics.
I had been DYING to try this company. I heard so many good things
about the products especially the pressed pigments!

I spent $27.50. I  ordered 4 pressed pigment samples,
the "Anywhere" palette, 5 loose pigment samples
and 2 purse size Lip Poisons.

I got a shipping notice a couple of days after I placed my order.
The next day Tracy, the owner emailed me and said that there
was a mix up with my order and that it was sent to someone else.
She apologized and said she would upgrade some of my order and
add in some extras. Upgrading and extras were totally unnecessary
but a very nice touch. I was EXTREMELY pleased with the fast
communication and honesty about the mistake. My order ended up arriving within
two days of the mix up. Awesomeness!!

Here is what I received.
An upgraded full size pressed pigment, an upgraded full size pot of pigment
and an extra Lip Poison. plus my original order.
Everything was packaged and labeled nicely.

I decided to stash two of these away and use them in a random traveling
box of Indie Makeup that I am doing with my Makeup Buddies.


Ingredient label! Everything listed!! Yeeehaw!!!
Lip Poisons come in a huge assortment of colors.
Full size is $5.00 ( 5.9 ml) and purse size is $3.50 (3.7ml)

I kept Flamingo for myself. The formula is really nice,
not sticky at all and had a nice color payoff for a gloss.

This gloss could use some "flavor" or scent though.
I found the scent and taste a bit unappealing.

I also stashed away the upgraded pot of Surfing The Gold Coast
to use in the traveling box.
The samples were packaged nicely in baggies, each labeled with
color name and ingredients.

Close up of labeling.

Samples all potted up!

I am doing my swatches a bit differently now. I am bringing the swatch down lower
onto bare skin so that you can see the pigments on a base and bare skin.

These pigments swatched nicely and were opaque.
The colors that really caught my eye were Fire Ant and
Egyptian Fat Tail.

Swatches in the sunlight

 Applied, the pigments were opaque and blended nicely.
Both colors were quite glittery and I had a lot of glitter fall out.
I used Fire Ant and Egyptian Fat Tail for this look.
I love both colors! You can see some of the glitter fall out around my eye.
It was easily wiped off but still an annoyance.
and are available in over 40 color choices.

I ordered 4 pressed pigment samples and the
"Anywhere" palette.

The 'Anywhere" palette cost $5.50 and is made from
cardboard and plastic. It can hold 25 sample pans or 9 regular
size pans. It is magnetic.

Pressed samples are $2.00 for a 15mm pan.
Pressed pigments are available in over 34 shades.

Margarita - Mermaid- Caribbean Cruise
Full size pan Box Jelly

Pressed Pigment swatches.
These swatched smoothly with the exception of Box Jelly.
I had to go over the swatch a couple of times to get it opaque and even.

Swatches in the sunlight.

The pigments applied nicely, were opaque and blended like a dream!
I used all 4 colors for this look.

Overall thoughts?
I like this company! The products are
very nice and well made. They offer a ton of color
choices and the pressed pigments are really awesome.
The pricing is average in my opinion and the customer service is fantastic.
I will definitely be buying more sample pans to fill up my
"Anywhere" palette soon!!

Have you tried Venomous Cosmetics?
If so, what is your favorite product or pigment?


  1. I haven't tried them but I want to, I love that they sell pressed samples, how awesome! Thanks for the review<3

  2. I've ordered from her a couples times and have had AMAZING customer service! I love the lip poisons and I normally hate glosses, but I do agree the smell is a bit... inorganic smelling? It's not bad, but its just... synthetic smelling.

    I love the pressed shadows! And her loose pigments are outstanding as well. I'm so happy I ordered from her!