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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tarte LipSurgence Swatches!

Hello, My name is Christina and I am an addict.
I am addicted to Tarte Lipsurgence.
It is an expensive addiction. AHHHHH

I have acquired quite a few new Lipsurgence in the last month
so I thought I would swatch them all for you!

Swatches in the sunlight

Here they all are applied!
All photos are with flash unless otherwise stated.

Bare Lips

Pouty - Luster

Buff - Luster

Peaceful - Tint
This one is my absolute FAVE. I wear it everyday and is
what is on my lips in almost every picture.

Adored - Luster

Glisten - Luster

Moody - Stain

Envy - Tint

True Blood -Tint

I have one more LipSurgence on the way from Sephora!!!

Do you own any Tarte LipSurgence? If so, what is your favorite?
I am on a mission to own every one =0x
Just do not tell my husband!!!


  1. <~~~Michelle Chalfant...OMG!! I love Buff,Peaceful,adored and glisten!!!

  2. They all are lovely. I really am addicted!!

  3. I am really loving Buff and Peaceful...hmmmmm, I feel a purchase coming on!!!!

  4. Tee hee! Go for it!
    ps thanks for posting a pic of your bare lips. So often bloggers don't do that, and I have no idea how tinted the actual lippies are.

  5. Oh totally, I have bought quite a few lippies thinking they would look great on me only to find the color is way off of the lip swatch I seen when I bought it. It stinks

  6. You shall turn me into a Tarte Surgie junkie (like that's a hard thing to do). Bless yer heart, and bless your gorgeous pouty pucker. I love me a good pair for a lip swatch! I especially appreciate the naked lips for reference. I have rather naturally dark lips, so these shall likely look a tad different on me. *bows to goddess*

  7. Man, I wish peaceful looked like that on me. I got it, and it literally looks like nothing on my lips =( Looks great on you though!

  8. I thought Peaceful looked like nothing on my lips when I first tried it then I noticed the hint of color.