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Friday, August 5, 2011

Providence and Grace Cosmetics

Recently, I was sent a package from
Providence and Grace is a cosmetic company that has
a stand alone website ( which is a bit hard to navigate) and
an etsy shop.Their etsy shop has been active for over a year and
they have a 100% positive feedback score.

I was sent 4 jars of pigments.

Nice labeling, ingredients are listed and they use sifter seals!

shimmery pastel yellow with golden highlights

bright turquoise
I found the color descriptions to be true. The pigments were very opaque
and easy to work with. I really liked them and was impressed.
Pricing for a 5 gram jar is $4.99.
I was not able to find any listings for sample size.

Here is a look I did using Pineapple and Mermaid.
I blended the two colors together quite heavily to achieve
a more teal look.

Pineapple and Mermaid

Swatches in the sunlight

Overall Thoughts?
I really like this company's pigments.
I had little fallout even with the heavy blending and
they are very shimmery.
Pricing is a bit below average.
Providence and Grace offers a full line
of mineral pigments, lip cosmetics, blush, mineral
foundations and some bath products.
I definitely would purchase from this company.

The owner of Providence and Grace was kind enough
to send an extra Pineapple and Mermaid for a giveaway!!

How cool is that!
This is a quick giveaway and it will end on Sunday (8/7/2011).
The giveaway will take place on Confessions of a Glitterholics facebook page.
comment enter here.

Have you tried any products from Providence and Grace?
If so, what did you think?


  1. Ooh they're very nice. I like how shimmery they are.

  2. i love the 'mint' color they make when blended together!!