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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Inglot is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I ordered some Inglot with the help
of my awesome personal shopper
makeup buddy extraordinaire
I have tried placing an Inglot order
3 or 4 different times but I get overwhelmed
every time and just close the site. Lisa likes very similar
colors so I knew she could help me out. Plus
she has a TON of Inglot so she knew which colors
were must haves!
Geez, I should marry this girl already huh!!!

I chose the 5 pan palette.
It ended up costing $43.50 with taxes and shipping

My order took about 9 days to arrive which is not to bad.
I have heard other people having to wait quite some time
for their orders. It was packed nice and everything arrived safely.

 The first color is 388 Matte and is a blue based purple.
The second color is 372 Matte and is a teal toned green.
The third color is 371 Matte and is a sky blue.

The fourth color is 382 Matte and is a bright red.
The last color in this palette is 384 matte and is a grassy green.

This palette is HEAVY. It is not a cheap flimsy palette at all.
Drop this baby on your toe and you will be crying.
The actual shadows have nice texture and apply evenly..
They go on very opaque without having to apply multiple layers.
Right after I received my Inglot order one of my makeup
buddies/HOARder was selling a little
3 pan palette so I had to snatch it up.
I paid $15.95 for this little beauty.
The first color is 362 Matte and is a bubblegum pink color.
The second color is 399 and is a dusty pinky tan
The third color is DS 465 and a brown with gold flecks.


Swatches in the sunlight

Here is a look I did using the greens and the blue from
the 5 pan palette.
 Dude, only me could turn this entire look teal.
I can't keep away from the teal!!!

 This look I did with the 3 pan palette. I like it but do not love it.
I used some brown eyeliner to line my upper lid and it looked awful
so it pretty much ruined the look.

Overall thoughts?
I like these shadows from Inglot but I do not love them....yet.
Maybe the love will come. I expected more I guess.
I thought I would use it once and be WOWED like I
was with Sugarpill or Ben Nye. I do have to play with
some of the other colors before I can say whether or not
I would buy Inglot again. I am pleased with this
purchase because I think overall it is a good deal for
high quality pigmented eye shadows.

Do you have any Inglot?
What number is your absolute FAVE?
What do you think about Inglot?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Lovely colors!
    I've never used Inglot myself, but I love all the good stuff I've seen.

  2. Ahhhhhh! Stop this. I need ot get me some Inglot, every time i see some one post about it i just ooze with envy

  3. The colors are really pretty, and man is that blue bright! :O
    I've never tried Inglot; they're on my list but there are lots of other things I'll be getting first. Thanks for sharing!<3

  4. yep...you just might have to marry me....hehe.

    you should blog about the 222. ;)

  5. Wow, that is some awesome color pay off. Not sure if I "need" it tho. LOL. BUT, your looks are beautiful.

  6. Beautiful colors! I think I'm going to hold out for the Ben Nye palette since you speak so highly of it before Inglot! Thank god I have you to help me make choices! LOL