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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Glamour Doll Eyes - HUGE HAUL!!!

A few weeks ago Glamour Doll Eyes had a customer appreciation sale and
I really stocked up!! I personally like buying sample sizes and just potting them myself
so that is what I did!
My order came in record time! I ordered on Monday and had it before Friday.
Everything was packed well and arrived intact.
There was a bunch of neat goodies in my package. This brochure that
had a bunch of information in it and this neat card with a 
"eye look" tutorial on it.
So thoughtful!
Business cards, stickers and more information!!
All my samples!!!

The Blues

I am loving Mingles and Petticoat so far!


The Other colors

Dollhouse and Cloud Coverage are great.
Katie's Storm is a bit strange of a color to me.


I love all of these. They are gorgeous loose glitters.


We interrupt your swatching session with a picture of the chaos
that I call "potting"!!!

The Greens

I love them all. All the same. I love greens LOL


The Pinks

So far I am really liking Strawberry Cupcake and Pinky Swear


The Purples

All are gorgeous but of course my all time favorite GDE color
is Tattooed!!!


More Other colors

Urban Trash is a fabulous matte black.


Here is a look I did using Cloud Coverage, Slumber Party, Stiletto and
Tattoed. I also added some Rave on top of Tattooed and under my eye.

I really like Glamour Doll Eyes. So far all of their pigments have been
very opaque, smooth and easy to blend and work with.
Packaging is great, as is the customer service and shipping time.
I highly recommend this company!
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  1. where do you get your jars for potting sample sizes?

  2. I buy 3 gram jars on ebay in lots of 50 or 100!

  3. Wow, i thought i got a lot. You got like....a lotttt!

  4. So many pretty colors...I'm so jealous!!! They look amazing!

  5. I ordered 20 sample jars from them during that sale, and I love them all! I think I own a sample jar of about 90% of their colors. :) I'm trying to figure out how to swatch everything efficiently now. In regards to Katie's Storm, I thought that was a weird color as well! It wasn't really what I was expecting, and I think out of the 50+ GDE shadows I own, that's the only one I don't use. But it's hard to describe what I don't like about it. I thought maybe it just didn't work with my skin tone though.