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Friday, August 26, 2011

#222 M.A.C Brush!! My first splurge brush!!!

On the advice of my Makeup Sensei Lisa, I splurged and bought my very first MAC brush!! Lisa and quite a few other girls in my makeup group all said that out of any makeup brush the #222 is a MUST HAVE! I will admit, I felt a bit insane spending over $30 (with shipping) for a makeup brush. My brush stash consisted of a bunch of e.l.f brushes and a couple of pink handled crease brushes from Coastal Scents and that stash was fine by me. I was perfectly happy with it!

Then this came in the mail ...........
Description from the MAC website
Applying, contouring or highlighting powder-based products such as eye shadow,
powder, or Pigment. Soft round "brush" tapers into a tip. Of natural fibres.
Upon first glance I was NOT impressed AT ALL. It looked big, bulky and seemed WAY too stiff. I sort of felt like a fool for spending so much on it. It sat still wrapped up in its plastic sleeve for two days in my cup holder with all my other brushes. If brushes could talk I am sure there would have been a lot of fighting words going on in that cup!!! I was intimidated by this brush. By looking at it, I felt it was going to suck and then I was going to have to tell all my makeup buddies that they were wrong. That the #222 was NOT sent from heaven and that I hated it.
Finally I did a look with it. I was a bit apprehensive but as I applied and blended the pigments on my eyes I began to see the magic all my makeup buddies were talking about. This brush seems to grab the exact right amount of shadow or pigment and fits in my crease perfect!! I really felt like this brush did all the work. I just held it in my hand and POOF!!! I had a perfect blended look. Okay, so that's not exactly how it happened, but almost! Blending is really a breeze with this brush.
I would highly recommend this brush to anyone, especially people who are new to makeup. It really makes applying and finishing a look almost effortless. Here are a few of the looks I have done since getting this brush. Can you tell a difference in the quality of my application?

Do you have the #222 brush? If so what do you think about it?
I already have my next MAC brush coming, the #226!!
What other MAC brushes are must haves???
Enable me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. So glad you did a review on this brush!I've been considering it because of several friend suggestions as well, but I just couldn't get myself to buy it. (I've been very unimpressed by other MAC brushes)You're review and looks make it tempting. Thanks.

  2. I am really happy with it. I am glad I splurged and got it! You should get it!

  3. You keep talking about this makeup group, I want in! lol x3

    Lucky you! I don't own any MAC brushes, but someday I'm determined to own a few staple ones. This crease blender looks nice; I've recently discovered the beauty of applying minerals with a blending brush like this. I think your makeup looks softer around the edges, very nice! :)

  4. Emily, you won the Mazzie Giveaway. I left a message for you on your FB wall. Email me your address glittermomto6@aol.com
    If you are interested in joining the group, let me know. It is a facebook group

  5. Thank you for this review! I need good brushes bad, but I am a cheapie most of the time!
    I will keep this in mind for payday :-)

  6. I think I misuse brushes a lot! I don't use my 194 brush for concealer, I use it for defining my crease. This brush does look fantastic, though!