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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

e.l.f haul!

I recently placed an e.l.f order because they had
free shipping on all orders over $15.'
I was in desperate need of the pencil sharpener they make
because no other sharpener I have will sharpen my
NYX jumbo pencils. Of course I could not
find this sharpener in stores either.
Woe is me <3

Shipping was average. Not slow and not fast.
Packaging was wonderful as usual.

I got all of this for $15 shipped!

I love this stuff.
Until now I was using baby shampoo to wash
my brushes. This shampoo makes them so soft!!

I wanted a white pencil to line my bottom lid and apply pigments
over it. I use the NYX Jumbo pencil usually but it tends to make a fatter
line than I want. This will give me more of a clean line to use as a base.

In the time it took me to get this order I bought and received
Score by Urban Decay so I did not need another peachy blush.
I gave this away <3

I suck horribly at applying full size lashes.
I can't do it. I am fine with the half lashes though.
so I thought I would
give these a try.

The plump side is a sheer balm that is VERY infused with
cinnamon. I do not have sensitive skin at all and this burned
the hell out of my lips.

The primer side is the color of concealer. I used this once under
a MAC lipstick. I am newish to lip products so I have no idea
if this is necessary or what. I bought it for the plumping side.
That concludes my e.l.f haul!
Do you have any of these products?
What do you think of them?

Thanks for reading,


  1. http://theopijunkie.blogspot.com/2011/07/i-got-award-thanks-kitty-vixen.html

    I gave you an award

  2. Crud I wish I would have known about the sharpener working on the NYX pencils yesterday when I placed a major ELF order. D'oh!!

  3. My friend told me that it worked. I looked in the stores but of course could not find it. I potted my last pencil because I could not sharpen it and I HATED it.