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Saturday, June 18, 2011

regeneration alchemy review

I was recently sent a package of products to try out from
regeneration alchemy.
regeneration alchemy is ran by Kelly who describes herself as
 an artist at heart with a love for science and experimentation, 
so toying with minerals and natural compounds has become a fascination.
The package arrived in a brown paper envelope ( so green, yay!!)
and was wrapped nicely.

Inside was a bunch of  stuff!!

The lip products.
I tucked the licorice lip balm away to give away because
I hate licorice. 

Lip balms labeled with names.

I was pretty excited about these because I loved
the smell of the cinnamon balm and because I thought the 
purple one was going to be pigmented but it wasn't.
My husband is the lip balm expert and he said that
Ultra Violet was good. Not too greasy or waxy.
He said it did feel a bit dry on the lips though.

Ingredients labeled on the cinnamon balm.

I really like this cinnamon balm. It is VERY strong though so if you
have an aversion to cinnamon or sensitive lips I would stay clear of this balm.
The color is pretty and it applied nicely.
Lip balms are priced at $4.00 per tube.

Mineral Pigments
The top labels are really cute and the colors looked nice
and vivid in the pots. No ingredient label on them though.
The product listing does not have a ingredient list either but it does have
some ingredients listed under materials used.

Sifter seals! Yay!
Bar Fly        Lava
Ultra Marine   Ultra Violet
Pigments are $4.00 for a 5 gram jar 
and you can get 5 samples for $3.50

I really liked Lava and Ultra Violet. 
The Ultra colors were a bit hard to
swatch and work with because of their texture. 
It was almost like sticky.
Looking at the product listing it may be because it is just
straight pigment with no base??

Here is a look I did with Lava and Ultra Marine.

Want to win these samples and the licorice lip balm?
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Overall thoughts?
I like the overall theme and feel of this shop.
They offer a full line of products including lip balms, mineral pigments,
foundations, bath and body and candles.
I really liked the lip balms and Lava is a gorgeous pigment.
I think the formulation of some of the pigments could use some work but
this is a fairly new mineral makeup company so hopefully
with time the product will improve.

Have you tried regeneration alchemy?
If so what did you think?

1 comment:

  1. thank you so much for test driving my products, Christina!
    I'm working on new formulations for the bright colors - it's tough to get to right working texture without diluting the vibrant shade.
    I had added a special mica that's bound with carnauba wax, which is supposed to cut down on flyaway particles and improve adhesion. That's probably what made it feel sticky. Back to the drawing board!
    I'm going to keep at it and send you some improved versions!
    I'm also updating my listings and will be more of a stickler with listing ingredients. I keep trying new additions, and doing a "pinch of this, pinch of that" and forgetting to keep good track.
    By the way, your blog looks great - love the new look!