PDP Exclusives by Rebecca

Friday, June 17, 2011

I am going to spam my store because this is my blog and I can
and because I am having an awesome sale I want you
all to know about!

I want to buy my husband a nice gift this Father's Day!
He never says anything about my ever growing makeup collection
or anything about the fact that I get more than one package in the mail
everyday. He is awesome, but anyway!

Everything in the shop is $10 or less and free shipping on all
orders over $20

Here is some of the things I have listed for sale!

Head on over and check it out!!


  1. OMG you are so talented! I'm loving the brush rolls! If you had a cheetah print to choose from I would be all over that!!! *hint* *hint* lol.

  2. You're very talented! I'm ridiculously poor at the moment but when I'm not I'd love to get one of your brush rolls :)