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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Glamour Doll Eyes Review and Swatches


I planned on blogging about this company sometime in the next few
weeks but I am so excited about it so I bumped it up!

I ordered all samples.
I ordered Tattooed, Phyrra, Jessica Harlow Collection
and the Light Bright Collection.
I paid $11.10 including shipping.
My order arrived 2 days after I placed it!
Yay for fast shipping! 
Everything was packaged well and arrived
in tact.

Glamour Doll Eyes is currently closed to orders because they are
gearing up for and attending the IMATS in Los Angeles.
Since they are closed none of the product information such as pricing and
product listings is available.
The pricing for pots and samples of pigment was average though.

Potted samples

These colors are GORGEOUS!! 
They swatched smoothly and were very opaque.
I really liked all of them but Tattooed and Bleeding Love
were my faves of the bunch.
swatches Glam

Swatches in the sunlight.

Here is the first look I did.
These colors were so smooth and vivid and they blended very easily.

I used Disco White in the tear duct area, Bleeding Love on the lid and Tattooed on
the outer corner blended in.

This next look I used Disco White in the tear duct area,followed Phyrra,
Tattooed and Glam Girl.
Pitcure 6

I have to say this company may be my new favorite.
The pigments are amazing. So pigmented and bold.
They remind me of a certain company that I once loved
 which was a horribly run company
but nobody can dispute that the pigments they offered were bold and
gorgeous. I haven't been able to find another company that compares
as far as color pay off until now.

Picture 7

Overall thoughts-
LOVE LOVE LOVE this company!
I will be placing another order VERY soon!
They offer bold gorgeous pigments with a huge array of colors.
Pricing is average.
Shipping is insanely fast.

Have you tried Glamour Doll Eyes?
If so, what are your favorite pigments?
What colors are must haves??

Thanks for reading!


  1. You look beautiful! <3 I love this review and will definitely be checking out their products when they are accepting orders again!

  2. I love Electric Lemonade, Schizophrenic, and Recruit the most :D

  3. One of my very favorite makeup sellers - thanks for doing a review and giving them some love! I have yet to post my own reviews, but I've accumulated about 35+ sample jars (which I was very excited about, as they come with a decent amount of product for a sample, compared to most places, and for a super low price). Out of the colors you have, I have Glam Girl, Phyrra and Electric Lemonade, and I love all three. However, my faves over all are Jailbreak, Family Secret (from the Twilight collection), Boyfriend Sweater and my #1 choice, Prankster. Prankster is AWESOME - versatile and totally unexpected in color payoff. Very multidimensional and looks different on than it does in the jar. Like a metallic gold-brown, but not too crazy metallic or 24K gold-ish. Glamour Doll Eyes is always the first company I recommend. :)

  4. I''ve been looking at ordering from them for a while now...this makes me want to do it more

  5. Jailhouse Jumpsuit looks gorgeous! I love the look you made :)

  6. This was a great post! I really want to try this brand. I am also having a giveaway that is sponsored by one of my fav. Etsy brand, but now a Artfire brand, Madd Style Cosmetics, and she is letting me give away her new collection! Check it out here: http://beingyourownbeauty.blogspot.com/2011/06/my-drop-dead-fred-collection-by-msc.html

  7. Wow I havent bought anything from them yet but those swatches make it oh so tempting!! Love the looks you created beautiful.

  8. I bought a bunch of stuff a while ago and loved the colours but I had some application problems with several of them. I am planning on doing a review soon. It just goes to show that some products work well on some people and not so well on others. I do agree with you on the fabulous colour payoff, they are super bright!