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Monday, May 9, 2011

Unique Pigments

Zhen from Unique Pigments was kind enough to send
me a envelope jam packed with samples to try out!
 She sent 29 samples in baggies which I promptly potted!
Unique Pigments is a new company and is selling through
their facebook fan page using the  SHOP NOW tab.
Pricing is $4.50 for a 5 gram jar.
She uses the square bottom jars which I think are really
pretty but I dislike them because they do not match the round
jars that most of my stash is made up of.

 Here they are all swatched. Quite a few of the colors 
caught my eye and I was really excited to try them out!
All the colors swatched well and appeared very pigmented and
vivid. I tried my first look with Courtney Cox and Love Spell.
Both of them went on very transparent. I added more and more trying
to build up a solid look but when I tried blending I had the transparency again.

Here is my second try.
Here I used Perfection which is a great white. It went on smooth and solid.
I also used Glass Slipper and Tinsel Town. I ran into the same problem with the
transparency. I had to PACK the pigment on to get the look below.

My third try.
I was beyond thrilled when I seen Ctanked swatched.
It is a gorgeous Burgundy. 
I used Ctanked and some other random color.
Ctanked was much more pigmented and solid applied then the other pigments.
My thoughts are maybe because it does not contain as much shimmer or
glitter as the other colors do.

  I really like how the colors swatched but so far
I am not too happy with how they apply.
Unique Pigments is a new company so hopefully
with time and more practice the pigments can be

Have you tried Unique Pigments?
If so tell me what you thought!!


  1. Great review!!! Some of the colors look amazing.. I think I'll put this on the list and watch for the company to grow a bit!!! P.s I love ur swatches!!!!

  2. I've never ever had the issue with pigment transparency. She actually made Ambie-nce for me as a blush and I barely need any to get a nice glow to me. I have Nuke em High, Perfection, entire Spring Fling Collection, Tiberium Ore, Axe U A?, Glass Slipper and Pcockery. All, I have paid for and I use a primer and they last at least 9 hours (could be longer, but I wash my face off.) I barely need any because of how pigmented they are. I would give it another chance, as this company has always been above and beyond for me...

  3. And she made Luna for me, as well. My awesome Lumi Dupe :)

  4. I haven't tried it, but I'm not fond of people using facebook to sell. =\

  5. These are preety but i don't really like the idea of selling through facebook

  6. I also dislike selling / buying through Facebook. Their most valuable asset is data on our buying habits - both aggregate and individual. I don't trust FB, and so while I'll use it as another way to let folks follow my blog, and while I participate on a few pages there, I don't like the idea of letting FB know what I buy, how often, and how much. (Yes, all of this information is already out on the internet. But it's not all in one location...)

  7. She also sells on EBAY and I think she is working on opening her own website. I prefer this brand out of all the others..

  8. I have so many of her pigments and have not experienced transparency, rather, they are very pigmented. I have purchased them all and her customer service is amazid. although i like your review, i think you overblended way too much, since all of my 20+ pigments from her are not transparent in the least.

  9. Also, if the pigment really were transparent, why would the swatches be so insanely pigmented? a bad transparent pigment is transparent both swwatched and worn, so i insist i the fact that you overblended way too much...unless you patted it on heavily on the swatch, which in that case, since you packed it on on your eye, it should have resembled your initial swatch right?