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Monday, May 2, 2011

Tarte Haul

I made a trip to Ulta last week. I had originally went to get some
NYX jumbo pencils and a big fat eye marker since it was buy 2 get 1 free.
Of course they were out of everything that I wanted.
Instead I picked up this Tarte gift bag.
I have been REALLY wanting to try Tarte cheek stain but did not want to spend
$30 for one cheek product. This set had the cheek stain, eyeliner, 
clay finishing powder, lip gloss and the cheek stain all for $35.
Sounded like a win to me!!
I knew I wouldn't use the eyeliner or finishing powder so I sold those.
 Here is what I kept.
This cheek stain is half the size of the standard stain that sells for $30
 The color is really pretty. I have been wanting something that would give me
a flushed look and this looked very promising.
However I am not a fan of sticky heavy stuff on my cheeks or face.
I hate the feeling of most foundations and I have yet to find a cheek product that
illuminates and
isn't thick and sticky feeling.
This has the sticky feeling. =0(
Me - Naked Face

Applied cheek stain -  not blended

All blended. I really like the way this looks but I hate the feeling of it on
my skin. It feels thick and tacky.
After a few hours it didn't seem to dry out some but overall I am not a fan.
 Also in the set was a full size tube of 
This retails for $19

The packaging on this annoys me. It is just overboard and tacky.
I find it ugly. The mascara inside the tube is great though!

It goes really nicely and isn't too thick or clumpy at all.

I LOVE Tarte's LipSurgence so I was very excited about this gloss!!
It is a pretty sheer pink  color.
Once again it is too sticky for me. I hate sticky gloss!!!!

So overall I am not too happy with these products.
I feel like there are better alternatives that cost a lot less.

Will I buy Tarte again?
LipSurgence, Yes
Other products, No

Have you tried the cheek stain? What is your favorite Tarte product?

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