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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Facebomb Cosmetics Review

The owner of Facebomb Cosmetics contacted me and asked to send
me some samples to try!
Facebomb is one of many new indie makeup companies.
Here is some info from the owner Shayna
( copied from Facebombs etsy profile)
Hi! I'm Shayna, I'm 26 and a SAHM!
I have a 2 year old son, Skyler who is my pride and joy.
I started making handmade mineral makeup to provide him with the things he needs
(and sometimes wants).
I enjoy just sitting here formulating and seeing what 
beautiful colors I can create for my customers! 
I received my samples packed securely in little baggies.
 Each sample was labeled with a color name.
I also received a hand written ingredient list for the samples.
Pricing is $5.00 per pot
( unclear on the size because the product listing does not state size or ingredients)
and $1.00 for a random sample.

I potted my samples of course.
Davy Jones- Hoggle
Slimmer - Interference
Lollipop Guild- Goblin King

The colors are gorgeous swatched. I particularly like Interference and Davy Jones.
When swatching I noticed that the colors contained quite a bit
shimmer/glitter which made me not so happy.
Remember I have been noticing that the more shimmer/glitter a color
has the more sheer and hard to blend  it is.
I have noticed it with indie companies and big brands =0(
 Well this is the case again.
The colors go on pretty light and when blended they almost disappear.
I know with loose pigment, especially ones with glitter patting it on is the best method.
Which I did below. I only lightly blended the colors together.
Interference -Slimmer- Hoggle - Davy Jones

All of the pigments I received were full of shimmer/glitter which I am
not a fan of so I can't say if I would make a purchase from this company or not.
If you are in the market for glitter filled pigment than this company is for you!
Adding this to avoid a fiasco:
I love glitter.
When it works.
Lately I have tried a few brands that had quite a bit of glitter and
did not care for them.
I have found I would rather not have the pigment filled with glitter
because they are harder to blend and have a lot of fallout.
I usually add loose glitter.

Have you tried Facebomb Cosmetics? What did you think?
Want to try them?
Head on over Confessions of a Glitterholic on Facebook!
I am giving away 2 potted samples!
This is a quickie! 24 hours to enter!
Lollipop Guild and Goblin King


  1. I <3 FB cosmetics!!! I think they are a great up and coming little indie company!! Thats sad that you had blending problems.. :( I havent run into that.. I find the colors do go on smoothly and blend very well.. I personally dig glitter and shimmer.. but that a decision for each gal// or guy to make for themselves.. thanks for the review love!!

  2. I think I will order some sample sizes in some of the darker colors and see what I think =0)

  3. Gorgeous shades! Might have to check this brand out.

  4. Okay can I just state the obvious here, does anyone else find it kinda stupid that she calls her blog confessions of a "Glitterholic" and uses the url "christinaluvsglitter" and then bitches about glitter??? ummmmmm color me confused.....

  5. I def think you should Christina!!! Also using the colors over a paint pot def help the blend alot!!!

  6. I figured someone would mention this. If you read my blog you will see I have complained about the glitter filled pigments as of late. I did not like Unique Pigments and so far I am not a huge fan of Sugarpill loose pigments that are filled with glitter either. I know you can add glitter to pigment and have it still be blendable and opaque but with these 3 companies that hasn't been the case.

  7. I have bought several items from Facebomb Cosmetics and they are awesome! The colors are gorgeous and she gives you a list of ingredients. I have been ordering from Facebomb Cosmetics ever since they opened and if you love pretty colors and glitter then you need to order now! You won't regret it, I haven't :)Also, she's always coming up with new colors and collections.

  8. I've never tried a paint pot. What is it? I did use Urban Decay Primer Potion and NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk under these pigments though.

  9. MAC paint pots.. I use Panterly.. It works UH-MAZE - ING lol.. I like UDPP I use it often and of course NYX.. lol

  10. Some of the colors you swatched appear, to my eyes, to be very sheer. My guess is that they're lacking a base that would make them more solid and easier to blend.