PDP Exclusives by Rebecca

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Matte Nails

I am sick and I have also been busy working on something awesome
( to be shared later) so I havent had any looks to share lately
but I did recently do my nails!

First let me say this is the STRANGEST nail polish I have ever tried!
I had 2 coupons that I stacked and I got this for like .75 cents at Target.

It is a really pretty green and is unlike any color I have in my collection right now.
 Once again, ignore my stubby nails. I have an aversion to the feeling of long nails on me.
The above picture is with flash so it doesnt really show how matte this polish is.
 This polish dried in less than a few minutes.
Once it was dry it was so matte that it almost looked like it would be rough.
This is a weird polish. It has such a dry matte appearance.
It reminds me of a spray paint primer or something.
Have you tried any of the Matte Suede polish?


  1. Never tried and probably never will because I love my nails shiny whenever I paint them :D

  2. I have to agree with mNg, I would end up using a shiny topcoat with it! But... i may have to try it, just to see!

  3. I actually used a lime green glitter over it the next day!!

  4. I've used the Suede and I have a Hard Candy Matte topcoat too. A lot of times I wear a shiny shade one day and then cover it in matte topcoat the next for a different look.